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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Jay Gunkelman. The various EEG frequencies are ascribed to generators, and the timing relationships and dynamics seen as the brain processes information are used to show the implications on the mind-brain problem.
The procesess of the brain during the detection and processing of sensory stimulation will be used as an introduction to the functional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the mind-brain. This will use traditional EEG/ERP measures, from the detection of the stimuli, awareness of the atimuli, and the abilty to differentiate various inputs one-from-the-other, to the encoding of the information into memory will all be reviewed.

The implications of these measures on the concepts of "binding", and the implictions of all these facts on our ability to be conscious beings with free will will be reviewed.

The "spookier" implications of the model will be attended to, unlike the prior talks based on these materials. Archetypal memory, transpersonal communication, holographic/holonomic theory, and even which came first... the mind or the brain... will all be covered in this rapidly paced romp through the neurosciences.


Author: Jay Gunkelman

Starting in 1972 with the first State Hospital based biofeedback laboratory, and then specializing in EEG for decades, Jay is an experienced Clinical and research EEG/qEEG specialist and consultant. Author of many scientific papers, and a mounting list of books, his depth of understanding of the mind/brain's function is helpful in communicating the underlying mechanisms and systems of the brain, mind, and consciousness. Jay is a popular lecturer world-wide, and he has occupied leadership positions in the field's professional societies. Now with Q-Pro, an international EEG/qEEG services group, he provides services world-wide.

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