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Bio-Q Biofeedback Stress Squares

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Bio-Q stress squares are very popular for workshops, health fairs, meetings, ice-breakers at talks, etc. You can also turn your own business cards into a low cost stress card with these. We always have them in stock for a last minute seminar, health fair or workshop. If you are in a hurry, please be specific if you are in a hurry and let us know when you place your order.
  • Our number one best seller !
  • Fun, easy to use
  • Great for use at health fairs, workshops, lectures!
  • liquid crystal temperature sensors
The Bio Q Square Principle (The Cold Hands Stress Response)

When stress or tension build, your body responds by reducing blood flow to your extremities (hands and feet) and your digestive track. Your fingers get cooler as their blood supply is reduced. Bio Q Squares allow you to monitor changes in your finger temperature, so you can get an early warning when your stress level begins to rise. Usually, you realize too late that your stress level is rising. By the time you feel anxious, on edge, irritable, in pain, or whatever discomfort or decreased performance capacity stress produces in you, it's too late to do anything about it. Bio Q Squares give you a valuable early warning stress alert so you can get stress under control before unwanted symptoms appear.

Reading Bio Q Squares

Color changes indicate increased temperature and relaxation as they go from black to blues!

Black 85 (stressed) Brown 87

Yellow 89 Green 91 Blue Green 93

Blue 94 Violet 96 (calm)

These colors and temperatures are based on being in a "room temperature" environment of about 70-75 degrees. If you use them in a warmer or cooler temperature, they will not give meaningful readings. In a warmer environment, they will tend to be blue most of the time. In a cooler one, they will be brown or black.


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100 squares   $13.95

300 squares   $39.99

500 squares   $65.00

1000 squares   $125.00



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