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Co-Sponsored by AAPB-- The Association For Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, American Academy of Pain Management, Surface EMG Society of North America, FUTUREHEALTH, Inc, and Thought Technology, LTD. Organized by Rob Kall

20 Plenary Session Lectures, a Foundations Course and 5 workshops on audio and video

sEMG Foundations Course

  • 6.5 hours of instrumentation, neurophysiology, technique, clinical applications.
  • Taught by Richard Sherman, Chief of Surgical Research Service, Depts of Clinical Investigation & Orthopedic Surgery, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

CD Course $129 DVD  Course $199 Video $229 Combination of CD and DVD tapes $249

sEMG Workshop Tapes Specify Audio or video when ordering.

  • W1-13-2 Susan Middaugh WS: EMG BioFB for Treatment of Cervical & Low Back Pain: Protocols that Work
    W1-48-2 Bernie Brucker Recent advances in the Neuro & Behavioral Sciences & their implications for biofeedback & neuroFB
  • Serge Roy V-WS-TH1-1-96 Understanding How Muscle Architecture and Physiology Influences the Surface EMG Signal: Results from simulations and In Vitro Studies. CD $39 DVD or vhs $49,
  • Glen Kasman V-WS-ST2-1-96 EMG Triggered Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation CD $39  DVD or vhs $49
  • -Steven Wolf and Glen Kasman V-WS-SU1-2-96 Clinical Decision making using surface EMG : Applications in Neurological Rehabilitation and chronic musculoskeletal pain. audio $79 DVD $89 video $95

sEMG Plenary Session Tapes

Audio CD $10 Video or DVD $39

C-M-010 Barbara Headley-Myofascial pain syndrome as a movement disorder
C-M-011 Carrie Hall Principles & Concepts of Muscle Imbalance and Movement   dysfunction and the role of surface EMG
C-M-012 Serge Roy - Application of surface EMG for classification of muscle impairment in low back pain. Muscle Fatigue & FFT,
C-M-013 Bernard Brucker   spinal cord injury rehab
C-M-014 Panel discussion: Visions of the Future of sEMG: Basmajian, Brucker,  Kall, Keller, Klein, Middaugh Myerowitz, Peper, Perry,  Roy, Sherman, Toomin, Wolf.
C-M-015 John Basmajian-sEMG from basic research to clinical therapies. What's next? Rob Kall  Opening Remarks
C-M-016 Steve Wolf  Conditioning the spinal stretch reflexes; Implications for movement control
C-M-017 Tony Keller  Muscle fatigue of the multifidus assessed by FFT
C-M-018 Glen Kasman - EMG , PT & Pain, EMG & Stim
C-M-019 Erik Peper - RSI & ergonomics at computer terminals
C-M-020 Howard Glazer   EMG biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndromes including vulvodynia, vulvar
          vestibulitis syndrome, interstitial cystitis, and prostatodynia (30 min)
C-M-021 Panel Discussion  EMG Equipment  & Technology :  features & factors in deciding what to buy, what's new; sensors, amplifiers, software, pricing, etc.
C-M-022  Gideon Ariel- kinesiologic EMG  and video
C-M-023  Moshe Myerowitz -Upper Back Pain & Deltoid EMG
C-M-024 Richard Gevirtz  & David Hubbard Muscle Tension & Chronic Muscle Pain, Summary of  a Theory
C-M-025 Richard Sherman - Environmental temporal relationships between pain and muscle tension: ramifications for the future of biofeedback
C-M-026 panel discussion EMG Politics & Economics
C-M-027 Rob Kall - EMG  at the Turn  of the Century ,
C-M-028 Susan Middaugh - What is normal? What is Not?  Issues and answers  from a Comparison of Normal Individuals with Musculoskeletal Pain Patients.
C-M-029 John Perry - treating  incontinence and constipation with  pelvic muscle EMG biofeedback

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