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FUTUREHEALTHInc. Founded 1978    Rob Kall, M.Ed.,president
For Professionals
Futurehealth, Inc. 211 N. sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-504-1700, fax 215-860-5374

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Futurehealth, Inc. 211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940,
215-504-1700, fax 215-860-5374
Biofeedback, Neurofeedback Stress, Optimal Functioning, Mind Body Spirit, Pain,  ADD, QEEG Centrals
     Tools, information and inspiration for transforming yourself and the planet-- going beyond not sick to optimal health &  functioning--.
    Futurehealth is a unique resource -- a source of instrumentation, systems, books, tapes, supplies, training, information and consultation   for pros and novices, laymen and consumers  alike.
    We gently hold novices' hands and can provide the depth of knowledge, experience and networking which routinely impress seasoned pros.
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Our website has a wealth of free information and for-sale products and meetings which can change your clients and your  life-- and career-- ranging from stress and pain relief to strategies to Optimize your performance, in life, work, athletics, spirituality, etc.

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Meetings, Information, Connections, Products & Services for professionals and laymen.
We  organize the world's biggest meeting on Brain/Mind technologies, Neurofeedback, QEEG,
sound/ light/electrical Mind stimulation and more. We also publish the BioPsy Webzine, with articles, quotations, links, book, software, product reviews and news about the topics covered in this website. Subscribe free, and check out past issues in the BioPsy archives.
February 2000
Rob Kall's Winter Brain/Mind Meeting, Feb. 4-8, 2000
Rob Kall's Optimal Functioning Meeting, Feb. 3-4, 2000   .  
How to Effectively Access this Web Site
This website contains over 150 page files, many with links or free info. To print them all,  you'll need over 600 sheets of paper. We've organized the site into a number of "centrals" which each offer links to related sections of the site. Centrals:
You can move around the website by clicking on the options on this page or the navigation bar at the top of each page.

"A man is like a bit of Labrador spar (coal,) which has no lustre as you turn it in your hand until you come to a particular angle; then it shows deep and beautiful colors. There is no adaptation or universal applicability in men, but each has his special Talent, and the mastery of successful men consists in adroitly keeping themselves where and when that turn shall be oftenest to be practiced."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Futurehealth Inc  211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, USA  voice 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374  hp@futurehealth.org

Descriptions of Links you'll find on our Navigation bar (plus a few more links)

Winter Brain Mind Meeting World's largest neurofeedback meeting, also covering sound-light, brain stim, brain nutrients, energy therapies, owned and organized by Rob Kall
Biofeedback Central systems, articles, quotations, supplies, books, tapes, workshops
Neurofeedback Central Rated #1 by "Top 10 Results from Direct Hit " for the search word neurofeedback: We offer one of the best sites on the web for information about neurofeedback-- Articles, abstracts, meetings, workshops, systems, software, instruments Well over 100 abstracts alone on different aspects of neurofeedback.
Neurofeedback Foundations tape course 8 hour audio and or video tape course taught by  some of  America's best trainers: Joel Lubar, Sig Othmer, Valdeane Brown, Paul Swingle and Nancy White. This is the smartest way to enter the field. Watch or listen to this course, then take a live training workshop, then get one-on-one training, then supervision with an experienced pro.
new(1).gif (106 bytes)Winter Brain /Neurofeedback Meeting  audio/video Tapes Our tape library is an awesome resource-- 100's of two and four hour workshops and shorter plenary session lecture tapes from illuminati of the field. This page is a must visit. You'll save a fortune, compared to flying to a weekend seminar, paying for a hotel, meals, and $500-$1000 for a workshop.
Meetings   Central Central Professional Meetings, workshops: New meetings & Past meeting tapes & Abstracts
free Meeting Abstracts free Meeting Abstracts Meeting Abstracts Hundreds of abstracts(brief descriptions )of past meeting's lectures and workshops. One of our best free resources. Topics include: EEG, neurofeedback, Optimal Functioning, QEEG,   sEMG, PAIN, ADD, Substance Abusenew(1).gif (106 bytes)Pain Central articles, workshops, quotations, technology
ADD Central articles, tapes, books, links, quotations on ADD/ADHD, with  a positive approach. Books and tapes of Thom Hartman
QEEG Central articles and lecture, symposium and workshop tapes on QEEG
Optimal Functioning Central meetings, abstracts, articles on Optimal Functioning and Peak Performance
Specials: Some time-limited price breaks and great dealsnew(1).gif (106 bytes)updates
Flea Market: Used, demo, deep discounted products.
     Updated Feb 28th, 1999 but always new stuff coming and going call for the latest goodies
Stress Control/Relaxation Central   tools, resources, tapes, books, quotations, links, tips.
Freebies info, articles, non-commercial articles, quotations, links and parts of our site.
Quotation Central: a large collection of quotations related to the themes of this website, plus many Quotation links
Low $ Stress Tools  One of our best product pages. Workshop materials, low cost consumer products for biofeedback & stress management: stress cards, bio-squares, GSRs, pulse meters, digital electronic, audio thermal trainers, relaxation tapes.
freeBioPsy Webzine  Mind/body/spirit bio/neurofeedback articles, essays,news, meeting and workshop announcements,
sEMG/ Muscle surface electromyography and muscle biofeedback for assessment, rehab, pain and stress management.
new(1).gif (106 bytes)Exhibit Hall Video a tape demoing five different EEG biofeedback systems
Coaching/Consultation coaching or consultation on developing a new practice, mind gym, setting up a retail business selling mind/body products, building a practice, etc.
Ordering Go to this page to see how to place your order for items you've selected.
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Keep in mind, as you enjoy our free information resources, it is your patronage of our meeting, our biofeedback systems, tapes,  equipment, books, etc which enables us to continue offering our free resources. Please support us by voting with your pocket.


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