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Accelerated Spiritual Growth through the Advanced Biocybernaut Process
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by James Hardt.

The Biocybernaut Training Process is a high tech intensive vision quest that evokes transformation of personality and accelerates spiritual growth. Participants will learn the required technology and be introduced to the methods for the experiential application of this advanced brain energy training. The means of achieiving spiritual growth are well known: quieting the mind, stilling the internal dialogues, and opening our hearts.

The benefits of the ancient wisdom are made virbantly real and personal in your life when you actually quiet your mind and open your heart. But exhortation and meditation are both very slow routes to these attainments. We know that technoogy speeds things up, and now there is an optimized technology for spiritual growth that assists you in rapidly quieting your mind, stilling your internal dialogues, and opening your heart. This powerful technology and method offers many of the attainments of 20 to 40 years of meditation in a 7-day brain energy feedback intensive. Joy, peace, love, and exhilaration are the natural results of the Biocybernaut Training Process along with increased creativity, happiness, motivation, and possibily also significant increases in IQ.

Information about the brain energy patterns underlying halos, the perception of astral plane beings (e.g. angels), forgiveness, happiness and mind skills such as creativity, IQ, and ESP will be discussed. When the underlying brain energy patterns are known, training the associated mind skills becomes easy with Biocybernaut technology.

Workshop Objectives:
1. Participants will identify a casual relationship between changes in brain energy patterns and changes in dimensions of personality.
2. Participants will identify the relationships between effective forgiveness and non-attachment and how these contribute to opening the heart and quieting the mind.
3. Participants will describe the experiential research data linking spiritual growth to learned changes in brain energy patterns.
4. Participants will distinguish between effective and ineffective feedback technologies.
5. Participants will describe the requirements of effective feedback methodologies.


Author: James Hardt

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