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Alpha/Theta Training & Spiritual Dimensions of Counseling
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Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Richard Soutar

Some clinicians find they can adequately serve their clients by just hooking up the electrodes and running the protocols. We have not found that this sufficiently meets the needs of the client population we have encountered. It is an approach which in our clinical experience generates temporary and superficial solutions. It ignores meaning as it removes suffering and consequently renders suffering meaningless and life pointless. Our clients find new substitutes for old problems and it only looks on the surface like a resolution when it is merely another exercise in self-deception. It is a false summit. Another escape from freedom. Quick fixes leave them psychologically slowly bleeding to death. Our clients become walking time bombs if we do not get them to confront their fundamental existential issues. (Bardo Surgeon General's Warning: A Career in Bardo surgery is not for those with weak existential stomachs and who are afraid of suffering.)

The Agenda:

Bardo Surgery: On Being a Guide.

The Heroes Journey: Preparing the client.
The Gateway: Don't be afraid of the Theta.
Dark Passages: Holding their hand.
The Hall of Mirrors: Denial and Self-deception.
Pandoras Box: First Peek Inside.
Monsters in the Basement: Exploring dreams and hypnogogic images.
The Judgement: Putting their cards on the table.
Cleaning the Wounds: Dealing with profound grief.
Jacobs Ladder: Connecting dreamtime to realtime.
Synchronicity: Using emerging life events as a resource of growth.
The Golden Thread: Finding meaning in suffering
Taking Out the Trash: The burden is lifted.
The Resurrection: A new maturity and autonomy: new guides to action.
Closing Up: Integration through the sutures of fast wave training.
Based on a forthcoming Book: Bardo Surgery: Neurofeedback & Psycho-Spiritual Training.


Author: Richard Soutar

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