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Development and ageing across the lifespan using common
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Kamran Fallahpour This study established standardized age, gender and years of education norms for subjects spanning nine decades for a newly developed battery of neuropsychological tests, IntegNeuro. The battery is standardized and fully automated, using a computerized touchscreen. The twelve neuropsychological tests of the battery were administered to 1007 male and female volunteers across the age range 6 to 82. Sensitive indicators of change during development and ageing were widely obtained on comprehensive measures of attention and working memory, learning and memory retrieval, and language, visuospatial function, sensori-motor and executive function. Improvement tended to occur through to the third and fourth decade of life, followed by gradual decrement and/or relatively stabilized performance thereafter. These results strongly underscore the need for most neuropsychological tests to norm according to age. Gender differences were obtained on measures of sustained attention, verbal learning and memory, visuospatial processing and motor function. Years of education in the adult cohort was reflected in better performance on a range of verbal measures. The IntegNeuro test battery presented as a sensitive indicator of normative function and provides a reference for assessing the presence of abnormal cognition, for evaluation of treatment effects and for longitudinal case management.


Author: Kamran Fallahpour

Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in clinical and research applications of neuropsychophysiology. He is the director of Brain Resource Assessment and Treatment Center of New York and the Director of the Neurofeedback Consortium for The Brain Resource Company International, an International consortium of researchers, who have established a standardized benchmark in databasing the human brain through unprecedented levels of integration and quality control. He is also the co-founder of Brainquiry, a manufacturer of state-of-the art wireless biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment. In addition to his clinical practice and research activities, he remains active in design and refinement of physiological and cognitive monitoring systems and human-computer interface.

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