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EEG Training to Enhance Stability of Brain Function
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 37 minute plenary presentation. Perhaps the greatest challenge to good brain function is the need to sufficiently inhibit the intrinsic excitability of the central nervous system.

Neuronal circuits can become hyperexcitable, leading to large unstable responses to small stimuli or bursts of activity arising chaotically without any stimulus. Such uncontrolled activity can manifest as instabilities of many aspects of brain function including mood, sleep, attention, energy, consciousness, pain, muscle tone, sensory experience, and autonomic or immune regulation. A new EEG training approach will be presented which directly trains the stability of brain function. Good clinical results have been observed with seizures, bipolar mood swings, panic attacks, migraines and other instabilities. Relevant QEEG data will be discussed, as well as what information is useful from the QEEG in this model, where we are training intrinsic brain mechanisms of self-regulation rather than fixing the QEEG.


Author: Sue Othmer

Sue Othmer is Clinical Director of the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California. She has been involved in clinical research and the development of EEG biofeedback protocols since 1988. She teaches professional training courses in EEG biofeedback, and presents clinical research findings in professional forums.

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