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Five Points to Reach Peak Performance
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Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Louis Csoka. The ability to perform at the highest level of one's capability requires a systematic and integrated approach to training and development that combines basic principles of performance psychology and sensory feedback.

This workshop will introduce the participant to the successful development of a Peak Performance Center and Program in a Fortune 500 company modeled after the Center at West Point. The same training and development that has been so successful with elite athletes has now been validated for business executives and leaders. Participants will engage in active learning and activities that will engage them to better understand the application of peak performance skills to the development of business leaders.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue and experience around the basic principles of peak performance as they have been developod in a unique way by the workshoip leader. Beginning at West Point and extending to business organizations, this approach to peak performance skills training and development will appeal to participants who are searching for new and innovative ways to use sensory feedback beyond a clinical tool.
The workshop will focus on the following:
Goal Setting
Positive-Effective Thinking
Stress and Energy Management
Attention Control
Visualization & Imagery


Author: Louis Csoka

Detailed Bio President & Founder Apex Performance, has designed, developed, and implemented Leadership Development programs with primary focus on sustained peak performance. He has successfully delivered targeted results as a performance consultant with various organizations across a multitude of disciplines and industries. He has worked with organizations in applying peak performance technology as the primary lever for achieving extraordinary results. Dr. Csoka’s engagements have focused on the following areas: • Creating Peak Performance Centers and providing peak performance skills training • Designing and implementing performance-based leadership frameworks and programs • Providing Executive Performance Coaching • Developing high-performance executive teams • Training and developing athletes in mental skills for sustained peak performance

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