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Flexibility Training: Synchrony or Not?
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Fehmi, Les and Susan B. Shor. Futurehealth Plenary


Author: Les Fehmi

Les Fehmi, Ph.D., Director, Princeton Biofeedback Centre, Princeton, New Jersey, 609-924-0782,, founding member of the Biofeedback Society of America (now AAPB). For over thirty years he has conducted research and practiced clinically in the area of attention and EEG biofeedback . He developed Open Focus(TM) training and specializes in multi-channel, phase-synchrony neurofeedback.

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2) In Depth Presentation and Demonstration of How Coherence Training with Couples and Groups Impacts Attentional Flexibility
3) Managing Self and Managing Awareness
4) The Potential of the Synchronous Brain; Synchrony Training for Individual and Adults

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