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GSR/Temp 2X, a D3000 Digital Numeric Temperature Trainer and our Bio Q Ring
  • $205.94 if purchased separately

GSR/Temp 2X. Includes the GSR 2 and in addition, a temperature sensor for thermal biofeedback. A meter is also included to provide visual feedback. We also include our own free wallet size stress card all in a handy carrying case.

D3000 Digital Numeric Temperature Trainer displays with 0.1F resolution updates every 2 seconds. Better than lower cost units because it has a small, fast acting sensor, with faster updates and high resolution.The BIO-Q Ring Safety Information As with any relaxation training tool, if you effectively learn to relax, you may find you need less medication, if you are taking medications for stress, anxiety, pain, high blood pressure, diabetes or other stress disorders. It would be wise to discuss any changes in your needs with your prescribing doctor.The Bio-Q ring detects stress-caused changes in finger temperature (caused by constricted blood vessels). Clients and patients use it to catch stress-induced drops in finger temperature before the stress sets off symptoms.

Instead of an awkward-looking electronic thermometer or a breakable glass thermometer, the ring is fun and comfortable to wear. It turns the fun concept of the mood ring into a scientific device that uses the world's smallest self-contained precision thermometer.

How it works: Read the ring like a clock, with 1:00 being the coolest temperature (Stressed= 67 degrees) and 12:00, then the center, being the warmest (Relaxed= 96 degrees). The closer to 12:00 your ring "lights up", the more relaxed you are.

The BIO-Q Ring's clock face has 13 precision liquid crystal chemical formulations set to "light up" with color at precise temperature ranges, so the ring will show subtle changes in finger temperature, as small as 0.5 degree F. Rings are available in Small (size 5/6) Medium (size 7/8) or Large (size 9/10) Gold plated or silver-color plated (rhodium).


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