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How to Teach Breath Self-Regulation with an Understanding of HRV, RSA, C02, and the connection to Brain Training
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Futurehealth Workshop by Rosemary MacGregor
Like peak performance, optimal brainwave EEG training is dependent upon a maximal supply of oxygen and glucose. Delivery or perfusion is dependant upon blood supply. Blood supply is a function of optimal breathing. A good foundation in breathing (and not just deep abdominal breathing) is requisite to the undertaking of Neurofeedback. This workshop will educate the practitioner in the finer aspects of teaching good breathing and breathing effects on the brain. Requisite variety or flexibility in breathing while maintaining appropriate CO2 levels is just as significant as the flexibility we strive for in brain training. On-going breathing is one of the finest tuned state shifters in our body/brain. The connection between proper breathing while doing Neurofeedback training will be discussed. You will understand: how CO2 levels can cut off brain perfusion and especially those that interfere with “frontal thinking” (non-HEG thinking), right/left brain dominance, be able to observe brain regulation according to metabolic need, better understand the dynamics of CO2, and ultimately the connection to peak performance.

Stretch receptors in the diaphragm and chest wall mediate the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Carbon dioxide is one of the most important factors governing nervous system activity. Changes in CO2 govern immediate changes in nerve cells. Motor and sensory hyper-irritability are related directly to CO2 alkalinity. However, without the use of a capnograph (The Better Breathing and Heart Wave Trainer), the practitioner and client will only be guessing at CO2 levels. The Autistic/Asperger, anxiety, cardiac and many others will be missed.


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