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Interactions & Techniques w/Patients While Hooked Up
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Lubar, Judith. Futurehealth Workshop
Success in working with patients in neurofeedback happens in the context of a partnership between the therapist and the client. It Involves specific techniques which reveal to the patient why they need treatment, creates an appropriate climate of excitement toward creating change, and the trust and commitment to carry the change through. This workshop will emphasize specific techniques and successful therapist responses to a range of patient behaviors from passive aggressive, angry or challenging behaviors to despondent, lethargic and depressed behaviors and defeatist thinking which can occur within the session. The workshop will be a combination of didactic and experiential. Participants are encouraged to bring to the workshop specific cases they want to discuss.

The effects of scalar and electromagnetic waves on the human body and the environment. : Phase 1-2 prospective review of 127 patients .


Author: Joel Lubar

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