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Mind Tech and Breath Walk
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Gerlach, Uwe. Futurehealth Plenary
Mind tech (light/sound) and "breath-walk" in Alpha/Theta Protocols accelerate the healing process, especially suited for Trauma release/therapy

Uwe Gerlach, Germany

We are specialized in and have long-time experience with both types of techniques mentioned in the title. Often it is inevitable to provoke abreactions in trauma therapy, especially if the trauma is severe. Entering and staying at the crossover frenqencies in Alpha/Theta avoids retraumatization.Fortunately with EEG feedback we have a guidance tool which acts as a mirror for the single steps of trauma therapy. From Valdeane Brown's research we know that abreactions which should be avoided are in the brainwave range of 3 to 6 Hz.Our goal with patients is to train the alpha/theta 8 Hz crossover region and hold the client during the session in the hypnagogic state for at least say twenty minutes. It is a matter of fact that many clients fall into sleep instead of staying in the hypnagogic state.This means that both the therapist and client often need lots of sessions until the optimal conditions for crossover states are realized. The problem is that resistance against trauma release in normal consciousness is great and contraproductive. Using light/sound sessions and "breath walk" makes it easier to "soften" the resistance. The client can exercise these techniques without the guidance of the therapist. Lots of "sessions" can be done by the client without any therapist-client date or schedule. In addition lots of "small" release experiences may happen in spontaneous ways: at home during dream periods, walking in leisure-periods etc. Last year at Miami and before at Palm Springs we presented theory and practice of the walking and breathing exercise. In a workshop we show how to conduct suited light/sound sessions and we repeat the most important features of the "breath walk" technique.


Author: Uwe Gerlach

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