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Neocortical Dynamics:Brain Timing and State Management
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Sigfried Othmer.

Requirements for neuro-regulation in the time domain will be discussed in more detail.

The case will be made that the brain organizes specific sensory processing and cognitive processing in a manner quite analogous to the means by which the brain maintains states of arousal, activation, and affect. These two domains may differ mainly in the realm of frequencies involved. It will become evident that the EEG reflects the essential regulatory activity of the brain directly. Hence, neurofeedback is a challenge to such regulatory mechanisms. We will introduce the concept of time binding, and use that to constrain models of neuro-regulation. The implications for protocol development will be discussed.

-The attendee will be exposed to the assumptions that must underlie neuro-regulation in the time domain, including specifically the rationale for organization in terms of specific frequencies.
-The listener will learn about concepts of time binding and about using time as coding space; about the rationale for organization in terms of frequencies; and about the functional implications of amplitude variations.
-The listener will learn why the principal protocols rely predominantly on specific frequency bands, and on specific brain regions.


Author: Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.

Siegfried Othmer has been active in neurofeedback for more than twenty years, through instrumentation development, clinical research, and the conduct of professional training courses.

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