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Neurofeedback Treatment of Dyslexia
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Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Gary Schummer. The prevalence of dyslexia ranges from 5-17% of school-aged children, with 40% of the entire population reading below grade level (Shaywitz and Shaywitz, 1990).
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Recent findings derived from QEEG measures have led clinicians and researchers to treat dyslexia with Neurofeedback. Results at our center as well as those presented by other providers have varied from minor improvements in comprehension to advancing three grade levels after 25 sessions.  If these pilot studies continue to demonstrate similar efficacy in future research, Neurofeedback will become a significant tool to remediate this pervasive disorder.  

This workshop will assist the participant to understand the complexity of the disorder, summarize training strategies derived thus far, and propose areas for future exploration.


Dr. Schummer, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, is certified in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Pain Management. He has been a contributor to these fields for close to 25 years. His recent work includes:
# Pacific Center for Behavioral Medicine (1993-present)
# Qualified Medical Examiner: State of California, QME #4325 (1992-present)
# Independent Medical Examiner (IME): State of California (1992-present)
# Psychologist: Pain Management Center, St. Mary's Medical Center, Long Beach (1994-present)
# Executive Vice President: Pacific Center for AIDS Research, Inc., Los Angeles (1995-present)

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