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Neurofeedback Meets Wholistic Counseling
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by John Demos Neurofeedback is an effective tool for enhancing brain metabolism. However, many prospective clients present with physiological symptoms, family issues and poor life style habits. Effective screening at the intial intake explores life-style habits, family structure as well as physiological problems.
Clients seeking wellness come to neurofeedback expecting to be helped. Some expect to be "fixed" by neurofeedback as if it were a silver bullet. Biofeedback is a self-regulation skill that requires self-regulation on the part of the individual and the family. We are living in the age of the dys-regulated family and diabesity. We ought to dispell the notion that neurotherapy will cure all ills while drawing attention to the real-time needs of clients to take responsibility for themselves and their family obligations. All too many treatment failures can be traced back to the initial screening which gave the client hope but did not help them to understand that "neurofeedback is orchestrated by the therapist and played out by the client." Physiological issues that can sabotage neurotherapy include hormonal imbalances, yeast overgrowth, shallow breathing practices, and food allergy and/or intolerance. Psychological issues that can sabotage neurotherapy include Axis II issues and undiagnosed PTSD, alcoholism, bipolar disorder and disociative disorders. Family issues include lack of structure, religious or ethical instruction, dysregulation. Life-style issues include lack of exercise, poor nutrition and sleeping habits. Understanding and addressing the above issues will improve outcomes and provide dyregulated clients with practical help that will promote real change in their life. Each of the above topics will be accompanied by case studies that illustrate the power of the wholistic approach and life-style counseling. Indeed neurotherapy providers need to be aware of more than brain metabolism and beta/SMR protocols. (Anything not covered will be expanded upon during my workshop)


Author: John Demos

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