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Nothing Succeeds Like Success; How to Use Psychological Skill Training with or without Neurofeedback
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Wilson, Vietta Sue & Thompson, Michael. Futurehealth Workshop
From the performance literature, nothing motivates and enhances learning faster or longer than being successful. The premise of this seminar is that when individuals engage in training in neurofeedback or biofeedback it takes a significant amount of time before the changes can be noted in their target performance or their daily lives. This seminar will focus on how clinicians can use an optimum performance model to identify areas where the client can obtain success while waiting for the effects of the biofeedback and neurofeedback training to become permanent. Psychological knowledge and skills that can be practiced daily to enhance confidence and foster success behaviours will be presented.

Motivational interviewing

Goal Charting
Successful self-regulation skills: energizing, relaxing, regeneration, breathing
Successful brain regulation skills: imagery, focusing, re-focusing, re-framing
Deliberate Practice for target behaviour
Neurofeedback protocol for performance enhancement: with or without QEEG
Coordinated Coaching
Actual case histories as well as group research will be used to illustrate why specific tools or techniques were used and the strengths and weaknesses of these decisions. In particular, what and how to look for opportunities to create success or re-frame for success will be discussed.


Author: Michael & Lynda Thompson

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