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Preventing and Healing Heart Disease with Biofeedback and Related Modalities
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by Nara Bhat.
Focus: Heart disease is number one killer. We have created a model of treating heart disease using biofeedback. The program is based on the fact that coronary artery disease leads to events like a heart attack depending on the dynamic factors of plumbing, chemical risks, and emotional imbalance. Course Description: 1. What will the presenter cover? The workshop will show how to organize a cardiac rehab practice within a biofeedback office starting from patient intake, protocol and outcome analysis. Our model of ongoing heart rehabilitation will be presented. 2. What is the goal? To provide a working model of "hot reactivity" control using biofeedback and heart rate variability monitoring as a main tool. 3. The author has written a book, How to Reverse Heart Disease and cancer. This book is based on our clinic protocol. The author has produced two popular videos: Uprooting anger and Meditation by prescription. Statement of Objectives 1. What is the new model of treating heart disease? 2. Can I develop a cardiac rehabilitation progrm in my biofeedback office? 3. will that program be acceptable my medical doctors, and insurance companies in my community? 4. Can I measure, monitor and modify the reactivity of a coronary artery disease patient? 5. Can I prevent and reverse my own cardiac reactivity by learning this program?


Author: Naras Bhat

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