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Setting up a Neurofeedback Practice.
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Diane Stoler Ten types of Practice: 1) Psychotherapy and the use of neurotherapy 2) Psychotherapy, use of neurotherapy and research 3) Psychotherapy, QEEG, use of neurotherapy and/or research 4) Neurotherapy 5) Neurotherapy and research 6) Neurotherapy, QEEG, and/or research 7) QEEG and/or Research 8) Neuro Center 9) Mind Fitness 10) Mind Fitness Center
Presentation will provide information and various business models for setting up a neurofeedback practice. Dr. Diane, a board certified Sport Psychologist, has worked with amateur, professional and Olympic athletes to help them achieve Peak Performance and be in ?The Zone?. Prior to her work as a psychologist, Dr. Diane worked in two diverse fields. Special Education and Business. As a educator of special needs, Dr. Diane was an instructor at Tufts University and work as a Special Needs Auditor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the field of business, Dr. Diane was trained as a cost accountant and taught cost accounting at Stonehill College, Fisher College and Chamberlain College. Through her experience as a cost accounting and business woman, Dr. Diane has worked with CEO?s, CFO?s and many others to help them develop the Resilient Mind needed to achieve excellence in their careers.?

Precise information of how to set up a neurofeeback practice. You will learn the various types of practices currently known, as well as the various types of legal business structures. How to do decide why type of neurofeedback pratice is best for you. Detailed methods of setting up a business plan, how to do cost analysis and accounting. How to select business software programs, and type of neurofeedback equipment appropriate for your type of practice. Current methods and technique of marketing, public relations, working with newspaper and other media, and networking with professional and local businesses will be presented. In addition, the various codes that are being accepted by health insurance companies.


Author: Diane Stoler

Author: Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury International Speaker and Trainer Neuropsychologist Survivor of 2 TBI and an ABI Caregiver of 2 TBI family members Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider

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