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Systems & Processes for Home-Based NeuroFB Training
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Futurehealth Workshop by Peter Van Deusen

Effective Home-Based Neurofeedback training requires that several functions, normally provided by the Trainer in an office-based setting, be provided for. This workshop will break down these functions and show how they may be provided to the home-based client. The options will include use of a local provider to start and oversee the training, use of a remote trainer to perform these functions or the potential for a layperson to perform these functions with support materials.
The functions to be covered will include:

Selecting—and screening out—candidates for home-based training
Performing assessment and objective-setting processes with home-based clients
Choice of rental or sale of home-based equipment
Pricing and collection for home-based or remote clients
Review of results to determine progress and plan follow-up
Changing protocols
Identifying and resolving problems in training
The workshop includes a manual with forms and materials.


Author: Peter VanDeusen

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