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 Stress Management,Relaxation Training

& Biofeedback Low Cost Low Cost Tools, Stress Cards

Ideal for home training, workshops, class projects  

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Shipping on all orders is minimum $9.00 (except for Bio-Squares order of 300 or less, which is $6) to a business address. Add $1 for shipping to a residence.)
Stress Cards, Stress Dots, rings, digital electric, audio temp trainers, glass thermometers, tapes.
BIO-Q Relaxation & Stress Control Biofeedback Kit
A polished, studio produced relaxation/stress control classic cassette,Over 20,000 sold.
by  Rob Kall, M.ED. and Keith Sedlacek, M.D. . 

Side one Teaches  the listener strategies for identifying stresses in his or her life and  techniques for catching stress early and nipping it in the bud.
Side two combines the most widely used relaxation techniques into one exercise, including;
Progressive muscle relaxation, paced abdominal breathing, autogenic warmth imagery, guided imagery and emotional relaxation.  Priced for  large quantity distribution.  
Kits include BIO-Q  casette tape and Bio-Q Stress card, (add $3 for BIO-Q band instead of card)
$14.95 each,  12/$96, 30/$218, 144 @ 6.75 each 200/$1250, 500/ $2500, 2000/ $8000  or bulk packed, $7000(terms pre-paid)
on credit approved P.O.   12/$96, 100/$750, 200/$1400, 500/$2900, 2000/ $9000 or bulk packed $ $8000
Bio-Q tape only:  $12.95 each, 12/$79, 100/$640, call for higher quantity pricing.
bioQring.gif (18041 bytes)
more on bio-Q
Bio-Q Read the furthest green dot clockwise for .5 F (.25 C) temperature resolution, using the world's smallest self contained precision thermometer. If you don't know your finger size, go to: http://www.john-christian.com/sizer.htm   
BIO-Q Biofeedback Thermometer Ring:
Your Early warning System for Stress Awareness
The worlds best selling precision biofeedback device. This is an attractive, water proof ring with a high resolution thermometer for measuring finger temperature baseline. It is used at America's most respected medical facilities to treat pain and stress disorders and by the top stress control trainers to enhance workshop/program interest and post training generalization of skills. Bio-Q rings are reimbursed by many third party medical insurers. Available in small (6), Medium (8) and Large (10) sizes., Sugg. retail $39.99, clinican sample $19.95, 3/ $59, 6/$108, 12/$180, 30/$359, 50/$549, 100/$999, 200/$1800         more on bio-Q
Deluxe BIO-Q Kit
Insurer reimbursed as a Thermal Biofeedback Reinforcement Home Training Kit:
Includes Bio-Q ring, band and cassette. Suggested retail $60.00. Designed as a powerful package to reinforce and transfer workshop or clinical training to real life reimbursement:
a) Ambulatory peripheral vasospasm monitoring kit,
b) Thermal Biofeedback home reinforcement kit.
Clinician sample $29.95 each, 6/$150, 12/$240, 20/$350, 50/$797.50, 100/$1300, 200/$2500
D-2000 Digital Electronic Temperature Unit: (above) Digital numeric readout smaller probe with long cable.. $29 each, 2-4 $25 ea,5-9 $23 ea, 10+ $20 ea, 25+  $19 each, 50 $18, 100 $15 ea, 200 $14 each

Combine the D-2000 with our audio thermal trainer for an extraordinary home training combination. See below.

d3000.gif (18410 bytes)D-3000
Digital Electronic Temperature Unit: Digital, numeric display with 0.1F resolution updates every 2 seconds. Better than lower cost units because it has a small, fast acting sensor, with faster updates and high resolution.Price drop! $39. each, 2-4/$30 each., 5-9/$28 ea., 10+/$25 ea, 50/$20each 100/$18 each
Biodigital Audio Temp Trainer low cost audio thermal biofeedback unit or training combo, with audio and   digital readout.   A remarkably simple electronic Audio thermal biofeedback trainer. Great for learning hand warming. An ideal tool for helping clients learn to transfer and generalize relaxation skills to real-life. Very easy to learn to use and operate. Audio + digital thermal feedback used to cost no less than $400. This is a real price breakthrough.
The audio trainer senses the skin temperature and produces a continuous feedback signal consisting of a pulsed tone. The tone frequency and pulse repetition  rate vary inversely with temperature. That is, as temperature increases, tone frequency and repetition rate decrease. The operating temperature range is 68 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Two ranges, to maximizes sensitivity: 68 - 83F and 83 - 98F.       Biodigital A $49.95 audio only.   SHipping $9.00 in US.
Combination Deals with the BioDigital
Save $5-10 
$73.95 combined with D-2000 separate digital numeric readout unit $69.95 each when ordering two or more. Shipping $11.00 in US 

$83.95 with D3000 separate digital numeric readout unit with faster acting sensor $74.95 ordering two or more Shipping $11.00 in US 

 Add the BioQ Stress Control Biofeedback Kit  with pocket thermal biofeedback card and audio tape for $13.95 
Best Deal Get the Biodigital AD$79.95 with Biofeedback Kit and D3000 upgrade for $95 Shipping $12.00 in US 
BIO-Q Bands: use the world's smallest precision thermometer vinyl and velcro, for easy fit and low cost.. One size fits all, and they can also be customized. Slick, shiny silver mylar look. Includes instruction pamphlet with copyable record keeping sheet.   $7.95 each, 5/$30, 20/$99, 50/$199, 100/$350, 200/$650, 1000/$2500 add $45 for customizing.
Two kinds of Stress Cards:Stresscheck card sampler.gif (50415 bytes)
Simpler, easier to read Stress Check Magic Word super biosquares with words which "light up" depending on the temperature with 4 different  ranges and 1.25 degree fahrenheit resolution. They read Calm (90-95), normal (85-90) tense (80-85, ) stressed (75-80.)       StressCheckcolor.gif (23650 bytes)
And the more precise, higher resolution,   BIO-Q the world's  smallest self-contained precision Oval  Thermometer, with a 67-96 degree F range, with .5 degree F resolution. 
Stress Check Biofeedback Cards/ Stress Cards:
with liquid crystal thermal sensors. These cards are unique, simple, inexpensive tools  for thermal biofeedback aided relaxation and stress management training. We just about always have these un-customized  in stock for your rush order for that stress workshop you have in two days.
$4.95 each 3/$12, 20 /$35, 50/$65 100/$119, 250/ $269, 500& up .99/ea  minimum shipping, on orders up to 250 is $9 for a business, $10 for a residence
Design Your own Customized StressCheck Cards:
Add your organization name, address, phone number, simple logo etc. to the front of our card. 
An award winning premium/give-away people never throw away. 500/$649, 1000/$1150, 3000/$2995, 5000/$4500, 10,000/ $7995
FIRST TIME ORDER SPECIAL: 1000/$969, 3000/$2499  5000/ $3999
White paper card stock custom order instead of plastic, 500/$475
Click here for Custom Stress Card order form
All custom orders add $30 for set-up, $25 for ground shipping in US. 2nd day shipping  $39 in US. 
Normal delivery on customized cards is 6 weeks. Add $125 for rush two week delivery. Additional charges for overseas rush will also be added. All custom orders require prepayment in full with order  Call or e-mail for out of the US. shipping rates.
Card colors available: white, black, silver, gold, green, tan.
"Ink" Colors Available
Metallic Foil/Ink colors: blue, red, green, silver, gold, copper.
non-metallic   black
Amazing Price


Hand held pulse/heart rate monitors, with digital read- out, manufactured by a joint venture of two German giants-- A.G. Bayer and Carl Zeiss
$14.95 EACH, 12/$125, 25/$225, 100/$695 
Glass Carded Thermometers:
A red dye alcohol thermometer on a cardboard backing. Low cost calibrated thermal  feedback. The advantage is cost, but they don't travel that well. Consider our Stress Check cards if durability is a concern.$1.00 each    50/$25, 100/$45, 1000/$350,  Customizing:  $90 one time charge, minimum customized  order 1,000.
GSR 2 / GSRTemp 2
Portable & Affordable Home biofeedback System
The small, hand-held and self contained GSR2 is a Galvanic Skin Response monitoring device for home biofeedback.
GSR 2 The small, hand-held, self contained, battery operated GSR2, with the  finger grooves  is a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) monitoring device for home biofeedback.  The GSR reflects sweat gland activity and is commonly used to teach stress reduction & management. It gives an audio tone which changes pitch with changes in stress response activity.
GSR2 $59.95 ($9)
The GSR Temp 2X also includes a temperature sensor for thermal biofeedback, a meter so you can also watch changes, a free wallet stress card and  a handy carrying case.   GSR/TEMP 2X $140 ($12)
The GSR Temp 2X Digital wearable Go all the way, by adding an  electronic digital readout thermometer plus a wearable biofeedback  thermometer ring. GSR/Temp2DW $185 ($12) (save $5.00)
(use instead of bio-dots or stress dots)
Inexpensive, easy to use color changing,   temperature-sensitive, liquid crystal chips, inch square.
These are very popular for workshops, health fairs, meetings, ice-breakers at talks, etc. You can also turn your own business cards into a low cost stress card with these.  We always have them in stock for a last minute seminar, health fair or workshop. Be specific when ordering, to say how fast you need them.
100/$14.95,   300/$42, 1000/$75, 10,000/$699
wpeF.gif (1125 bytes)  Stress Check Magic Word Super Bio-Square 7/8" square Easy to read, simple. Four separate temp.  ranges, Calm- Normal-Tense -Stressed from 75-95 degrees, with two degree resolution. We can put them on our cards, or you can buy them in bulk and create your own high tech stress cards. 25/$25,  50/$44, 100/$60, 300/$160, 500/ $245, 1000/$395, 2000/$650
PP-29 Promotional Premium Stress Sampler Kit
Try out a wide selection of items for teaching stress and promoting your services.
Includes 5 Stress-Check Cards, 10 Bio-Square, 5 Magic Word Squares, 2 Bio-Q Tapes, 1 Glass Carded Thermometer, $20 ($8.00 S&H) $55 value
DS-79 Deluxe Stress
Sampler Kit
THis deluxe sampler includes  all the items in the PP-29 sampler kit plus a Bio-Q ring, 1 D-2000 Electronic Temp Trainer and 1 Pulse-O-Meter $75 (9.00 S&H) $125+ value
Add Heart Rate Variability Training and Respiratory biofeedback  to your computer as low as $299

Computerized Stress Profiling Systems start at $2900

You can use computerized psychophysiological stress profiling to identify which psychophysiological systems are most responsive to different kinds of stressors using this powerful technology.

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