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Words and copy for
marketing stress services

A little history...

A while back, as a member of the world's largest organization of trainers and lecturers-- ASTD-- I tapped into their database and found a list of all the members-- people and organizations-- who were offering stress management training. From that data, which included descriptions of services, benefits, clients, etc., a list of the words used to sell the services was put together. In other words, the buzz words and key phrases used to describe the services, benefits, etc were pulled together to help people offering this kind of service to plan their own brochures, sales letters, etc.

When this list was originally created, we sold it for $75.  But now, we are offering it to you free, no strings attached, to help you with your literature, website, etc. I hope it proves useful to you.

Rob Kall, M.Ed.

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-organizational stress
-management stress
-fundamental information
-dangerous (stress)
-start using right away
-practical solutions
-simple process
-appropriate ways of understanding and managing
-potential sources
-bag of tricks
-reduce harmful stress and increase productivity
read warning signs of stress burnout
-sources of stress in organizations
-meanings of stress
-use stress positively and creatively
-stress-- the result of any challenge or change-- integral part of work/life
-interpersonal aspects of stress
-impact of stress on life
-taking responsibility for your work life
-how close to the edge are you?
-modifying perception habits
-effects of stress on profitability
-creating new behavioral patterns
- confront and eliminate time wasters
-subtle ways time is wasted
-secrets to reacting to crisis with composure
-dealing with the special stresses of managing others
-attitudes and beliefs that create stress (cog)
-biggest causes of stress for professional women
-how to relieve each of them
-look at self talk and implicit speech as mechanisms which stress one out
-perceptions and attitudes
-the path to burnout
-ethics and conflicts
who's on first?
-physical, emotional intellectual
*-using techniques in everyday life at home and work
-how to live stress reducing life
-identify common stress factors in workplace
-quality of life off the fast track
-effects of/relationship between stress and
-personality components of stress
-personal stress patterns
-preventing high stress levels
-what intereferes with wellness
-working under pressure
-using stress productively
-identifying maximum stress levels
-identify time wasters which prevent peak productivity
-understand the stress process
-costs of stress
-standards for success
-work attack skills
-techniques to tackle difficult situations
-learn to utilize stress productively
-convert negative stress into positive results
-GUIDELINES for creative problem solving
-differences between good and bad stress
*-stress addiction
-personal work-stress profile
-determine personal power and performance indicators for SM
-relation of stress to:
- physical problems
-fear of failure or rejection
-time management
-delegation of responsibility
-workaholic syndrome
-dependency habits
-self confidence
-avoid executive burnout
-be made aware of the countless forms of stress
-examine stressful situations and their impact
BENEFITS put to use the very next day, * immediately
-make better decisions during crises and conflicts
-secrets to handling even the toughest situations with style
-adaptability to change
-expect to come away from this program rested, with a definite action plan
*-expect to leave inspired, energized, looking forward to facing stress challenges
-bring stress energy under control
-increased flexibility, challenge, awareness
-help sleep problems
-gaining control of your work
-maximize your personal effectiveness
-team productivity
-increase job effectiveness
-turn negative feelings into positive responses to daily environ
-self confidence
-learn how to relax in any situation
-turn stress into dynamic tension
-stress can be positive if controlled
-increase self awareness
-improve balance of demands & coping strategies in & out of work
-reduce stress
at work
at home
-how we create our own stresses
-improve job performance and productivity
-improve decision making
-lower hostility
-increase job satisfaction
-improve communication
-personal presentation
-sales and marketing
-deal with difficult personalities *people
stressful situations
-learn what to say and do in light of demands placed on them
-productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and safety
-avoid illness
-better quality of life
-achieve greater productivity
break pattern of repeat burnout
-be more successful in pursuit of personal and professional goals
-various inventories
-pinpoint sources of stress
-hidden stress which affect long range health *ignored
-hidden stressors in your life
-valid diagnostic self assessment tools for employees to help locate sources of stress in personal lives
-potential work and non-work stress sources
-health patterns/indicators
-conductg a personal time analysis
-newly developed diagnostic instrument
-measurement of stress level change
-identify the symptoms and causes of stress in customer service positions
-identify signs & sources/roots of stress and burnout
-at work
-stress sypmtoms to recognize
-recognize signs of stress before it becomes distress
-problematic responses to stress
-stress overload
-emotional stressors
-hot responses
-identify attendee stress level
-life elements stress list
-stress manifestations
-personality traits and work behaviors which increase burnout
-identify optimal stress level
-recognizing stress patterns
group exercises
open, relaxed environment
illustrative cases
TECHNIQUES for coping with stress (most effective)
-thought stopping
-self hypnosis
-coping skill training
-deal with stress on job
-relaxation tools
-strategies for effective time control
-analyzing interruptions
-adapting to change
-and conflict management
-coping skills
-individualized stress absorber plan
-for preventing stress
-practical verbal control skills
-identify and use support systems *networks
-meditation, theory and practice
-progressive relaxation exercise
-creating new beahavioral patterns
-autogenic training
-time management
-diet & nutrition
-assertiveness skills
-homework assignments
-readjust one's thinking
-self relaxation techniques
-establish realistic goals
-delegating tasks
-exercises to reduce and control stresses to productive levels
staff, managers, personnel, self,
women managers, customer contact personnel, secretaries