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Relationships, Attachment Disorder Neurophysiology, and EEG Biofeedback / Neurofeedback

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  WE25-4 Les Fehmi and Susan B. Shor In Depth Presentation and Demonstration of How Coherence Training With Couples and Groups Impacts Attentional Flexibility $79 $89 $95
  WE24-2 Louis Cozolino Interpersonal Neurobiology $39 $49 $55
  WE21-4 Allan Schore: The enduring impact of attachment trauma on the developing right brain: Disorders of self-regulation $79 $89 $95
  WE39-2  Sebern Fisher Attachment Disorder and the Neurofeedback and therapeutic approaches to its treatment, in adults and children $39 $49 $55
  WE10-2 . .Ray Bergen Healing the Gender Conflict in Three Not So Easy Steps. $39 $49 $55
  WD27-2 Sebern Fisher A Quick Primer on Attachment Disorder $39 $49 $55
  WB1-2  Steve and Robin Larsen Relationship as Biofeedback: New Ways of defining Partnership  Combining the basic principles of BF and human relations skills. $39 $49 $55
  WB1-2  Thom Hartmann ADHD & Relationships: Getting Along in Families, Friendships and Love $39 $49 $55
  WB3-2  Judith Lubar Rapid Screening for Family Pain and Healing $39 $49 $55
  WA1-2 Ken Blum Reward Deficiency Syndrome $39 $49 $55
  WA-2-2 Joe Kamiya: Biofeedback, Social Interaction & Consciousness $39 $49 $55
  WIG-DD2  Rob Kall  Positive Emotional Intelligence Training: integrating heart & technology. Positive experience training. $39 $49 $55

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