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FUTUREHEALTH Inc  211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374

EEG Systems: Check out Neurofeedback Central for more info on EEG biofeedback systems

Click here to request information/pricing/order: HP@FUTUREHEALTH.ORG

We've created a whole page on the Procomp BIograph System. Check it out. And our prices can't be beat.

Bio Integrator

This is the clinician's dream system-- astonishingly beautiful graphics, (animated fractals, great control of feedback, versatile instrumentation.) integrates EEG with EMG, thermal, GSR, pulse, respiration.$6800 with eight channels, Specially set up computer with two monitors also required.

Physiotech Flexcomp

a visionary product reflecting the future of biofeedback. It uses a DSP
(digital signal processing) card which has it's own high speed computer,
so signals can be acquired and analyzed at much greater speed than
conventional biofeedback equipment.

Sensors are lighter weight and have less parts. Its fiber optic cable
interface allows the user to go up to 100 feet from the computer. 

Stu Donaldson has put a lot of time into  consulting on the development of software which makes it easy to do kinesiological assessments and training.  It can do real time FFT of up to eight channels simultaneously.
Flexcomp can also do other modalities as well simultaneously (temp, edg, hr, resp, EEG.)
You can also add voltage input modules to integrate signals from devices
like automated blood pressure cuffs, motion and force detection devices, etc. This is a DOS product.
Base system price $6900 plus $245/sensor

Physiotech Neurodyne 8000

a powerful, friendly 8 channel muscle re-education and relaxation program designed for kinesiological assessment. When it comes to working with multiple muscles simultaneaously, this software hardware system is the friendliest, easiest and most tested. It's been in use with regular enhancements for over 5 years, longer than any other.

J&J I-330 System

($$$) most widely used biofeedback computer interface in the world. This is the hardware used by Harvard, U.S. Military hospitals, and huge numbers of university researchers and clinicians in private practice. The I-330 is very versatile, with custom configuration capability. People often add extra channels of respiration, thermal, EMG, photo-plethysmograph (heart rate/blood pulse vol) DC, or optical isolator modules. J&J stand-alone EMG & TMP instruments can be interfaced to the system easily. The U.S.E. software is very versatile, with over 30 feedback display screens and a wide range of set-up options for timing, signal analysis algorithms, branching and more. We usually recommend that novice users begin with our add-on Biofeedback Toolkit software, which saves hundreds of hours of clinician time and gets you up and running right away with loads of set-ups and protocols. Snapshot is a print Utility which is also recommended. The I-330's liability is it is a relatively slow interface and the software is not that user friendly, when it comes to printouts and report generation. But most computer experienced folks learn to love the I-330 and its highly versatile and flexible software. We offer a start-up program-- Biofeedback Toolkit-- which we highly recommend for all new users. At $150, it will save a good hundred hours of learning and programming by providing you with several hundred commonly used set-ups and configurations of displays, thresholds and sequences.

Procomp and Flexcomp

Procomp ($$$) & Flexcomp ($$$$$$$) both use optical fiber connector technology to enable high speed transmission into the computer from a small, belt-wearable sensor encoder. Both systems use micro-miniaturized sensors which plug into the encoder, giving added flexibility. You can add sensors at $250-350 each. So, for example, you can get eight EMG sensors for dynamic assessment, two thermal, an electrodermal, heart rate, respiration and EEG (Flexcomp only now, promised later for Procomp) and plug the sensors of your choice in the encoder. This is more versatile than the J&J I-330 system which allows you to select custom modules, but requires you to insert and more permanently install them into the interface or module housings (which give you some flexibility.) The TT encoders are battery operated and need to be re-charged. The current software is still relatively simple and primitive, but evolving. You can use the BIOFEEDBACK 5 DX stand-alone instruments with the Procomp, giving you the flexibility to function without a computer when you want to do biofeedback on the fly. Or, you can start out without the computer components and just the Biofeedback 5 DX and then add the interface later.FUTUREHEALTH has developed our own BIOFEEDBACK toolkit for Procomp (and soon for FLEXCOMP) which makes it much easier to use-- to get started with right out of the box. SRS Orion ($$$) is a dedicated micro-processor based system, meaning it doesn't require a computer. IT was designed in the early eighties and is somewhat out of date but it has proved to be a very serviceable system for conventional relaxation training and for incontinence BFB.

Davicon Medac & System 3

Davicon: Medac ($$$$$$$$), System 3 ($$$$) Turnkey biofeedback systems in a number of set configurations.

Friendly software

Price range: one $ sign for each thousand$$ $2000- up, $$$ $3000 & up, etc.

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