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Great Books We Highly Recommend

The Prophet’s Way

Touching the Power of Life

by Thom Hartmann

$12.95 plus $4.50 shipping (PA residents add 6% sales tax)

From the most ancient corner of Jerusalem’s Old City, to a candlelit  Detroit temple where a teacher glows and heals with his hands, to a  famine-plagued refugee camp in Uganda, to the bloodied streets of  Bogota, Thom Hartmann conveys his experiences of expanded
consciousness and spiritual insight with inspiring clarity.

In an inspiring story that melds recent discoveries in science with ancient  metaphysical truths, the reader is given specific techniques and tools to  reconnect with life and recreate our personal futures and the planetary future.

Hartmann concludes that the Earth is endangered because modern  humans have lost their connection to "the heartbeat of the world," and  that humanity is endangered because people have lost their connection  to inner divinity.

      What People Say About the Book

"This is the most important book I have ever read — a deeply disturbing   surprise. Terrifyingly topical; strangely transcendental and timeless;   profound, engaging, delightful, informative; dreadful, desolating,   devastating, threatening, unhinging, and irritating — I would I could evade   its awful truth. Now I can do no less than give my remaining years to its message."
Joseph Chilton Pierce, author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Evolution’s End

"The Prophet’s Way draws you in like a novel, keeping you on the edge   waiting to see what happens next, yet is a true story. Like a painting by a great master that was painted over and hidden for centuries, Thom  Hartmann peels away the layers of distortion heaped on original visions  of religion and faith which existed 2,000 years ago, revealing once again  the essence of humanity, spirituality, and mysticism. This book helped me make a major change in my life for the better."  Rob Kall, President, Futurehealth

"A profound odyssey of spiritual transformation." (Psychology Today)

I just heard from Thom that Neal Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with   God has recommended his book. And Thom just returned from a multidenominational meeting of 20 people with the Pope, which he was invited to because someone had read this book. Rob Kall

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
By Thom Hartmann   $12.95 paper
"Thom Hartmann’s The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight shines like a beacon in the darkness, an education about reality, a needed wake-up call, and a guidebook through the swamps of denial and ignorance into a brighter, sustainable future." -- Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment
Attention Deficit Disorder
A Different Perception;
Hunters in a Farmers' World
by Thom Hartmann  $12.95
Paperback - 160 pages Revised edition (October 1997)
Hartmann's classic book. Over 100,000
Healing ADD
by Thom Hartmann    $9.95
Hartmann's latest book presents simple methods involving visualization and positive thinking that can readily be picked up by adults and taught to children with ADD. "Thom Hartmann has laid out a controversial but appealing theory".--"Time"
ADD Success Stories
by Thom Hartmann    $12.95
Thom Hartmann is the creator of the Hunter-Farmer theory about ADD, profiled in Time magazine, which theorizes that today's Attention Deficit Disorder is a remnant of the hunter/gatherer society of ancient times. His pioneering book has sold over 100,000 copies. He is the author of six books on ADD.
healingADD.gif (10118 bytes) -addsuccess.gif (4626 bytes)
Beyond ADD
by Thom Hartmann   $12.95
"Beyond ADD is my favorite of the ADD books I've written," says author Thom Hartmann. "It's thought-provoking and was fun to write...and many people have told me that they really both enjoyed and learned from reading it. It's the most far-out and controversial, and yet in many ways I think it's the most solid and important of my books on this topic."
The working title of Beyond ADD was "Why We Have ADD," and that was the question that Thom set out to answer with this book. In it, he explores a variety of possible reasons for the explosion of both diagnoses and actual occurances of what we call ADD. Each speculative chapter ends with a "solution" where Thom suggests specific, real-world answers to some of the problems and causes associated with ADD.
Think Fast: The ADD Experience   by Thom Hartmann   $12.95

Edited by Thom Hartmann and Janie Bowman, with Susan Burgess

Think Fast! is an anthology of writings, discussions, and insights compiled from the libraries and message boards of The ADD Forum on CompuServe. As such, it's not strictly a "Thom Hartmann" book (he only wrote one chapter), but does offer an extraordinarily broad swatch of perspectives, opinions, and ideas about ADD.
Contributors include Russell Barkley, Edward Hallowell, John Ratey, Carla Nelson, Peter Wright, and a wide variety of other doctors, researchers, and experts in the field.

bkbeyond add.gif (9390 bytes) BKthinkFast.gif (4748 bytes)
Textbook of Biological Feedback
Mariella Fischer-Williams, M.D., Alfred J. Nigl, David L. Sovine, M.D.
$25 paperback
Biofeedback; A Practitioner's Guide
2nd Edition
By Mark Schwartz & Associates              $65 hardcover
This is another must-have book if you are a professional working with biofeedback. It is over 900 pages packed with detailed discussion of different modalities and approaches.

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook

$17.95 paper

This is an absolute must for your library if you are interested in self-regulation, biofeedback, or stress management.
Principles & Practice of Stress Management
2nd Edition
By Paul Lehrer & Robert Woolfolk
$37.50 in paper
An extraordinary collection of edited chapters by world leaders in different approaches to the varieties of stress management, including: Progressive Relaxation: McGuigan, Bernstein, Yoga-based therapy: Patel Meditation: Carrington Hypnotic Approaches: Barber Autogenic Training: Linden Autogenic Biofeedback: Norris & Fahrion Biofeedback & Stress/Anxiety: Stoyva & Budzynski Respiration & Stress: Fried Cognitive Approaches to Stress: Beck Stress Innoculation: Meichenbaum and many more

Biofeedback & Somatics

Toward Personal Evolution

By Eleanor Criswell, Ed.D.


An easier to read text, oriented toward undergraduates, with a transpersonal slant. Great for lay readers.
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