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The Brainmaster EEG Biofeedback product line is one of the great success stories of biofeedback  It's a unique system, originally designed by Tom Collura, who, in his other life, used to design multi-million dollar brain imaging systems.  He's taken a unique approach, allowing the Brainmaster project to become a worldwide Internet supported collaboration of  a group of people all over the world, via listserve group.

It is a dual channel digital EEG running in Windows 3.1, 95 and up, and even in some Mac emulation modes. A Free DLL programming library is available for programmers and researchers. Brainmaster offers a fascinating evolutionary path you can participate in.

Futurehealth was the first company to start offering the Brainmaster and we are thrilled to see it has attained the level of popularity it deserves. Now, Brainmaster is one of the best-selling EEG systems. We're glad to have done our part to help make it happen. We continue to have a very close working relationship with the company.

Our two hour Brainmaster  video, taught by Brainmaster developer Tom Collura,  helps you get off to a good start. We do recommend, if you are planning on doing home training with it, that you start off with a session or two with a professional, trained Neurofeedback practitioner. This helps you to make sure you are attaching electrodes properly and able to tell the difference between brainwave signals and electronic noise. We'll be happy to help connect you with a practitioner. 

This page lists some of the main Brainmaster products, with links to a number of pages that allow to get plenty of detailed information on the product, software, features, options, specs, etc.

“For Clinical Application”
Neurofeedback devices are sold only through or with written permission of a professional biofeedback practitioner.




BrainMaster AT-1 System
AT-1-2.0 and AT-1-1.9A


BrainWave Animation Pro Software




Mini Q









Biofeedback Driven Animations


Dr. Swingle’s BrainDryvr












 Mini Q









US Patent NO. 6,574,513


Optimit 10-20 Marking System


 Check The Brainmaster Accessories Page for Information and Prices on the items Below




Interactor Cushion


Checktrode Impedance Checker










Foreign Voltage Converter







Midi Stim Photic Stimulator









Electro Mist


Ten20 Paste







A Symphony in the Brain


Awakening The Mind