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Check Electrode Connection ScreenFill GraphC 2 Systems
Order Page
I-330-C2+ 6 Channel  $1989 including shipping in US email, phone or fax to order.
I-330-C2+ 12 Channel        $3189 including shipping in US  email, phone or fax to order.
Optional Cables
international orders, please place your order, then email us for additional shipping charges (usually under $50 for 4-10 day delivery) Contact us   
Included Cables
Electrode Cable with ground Electrode Cable with ground and standard snaps for EMG, EEG, and ECG
EMG/EEG/ECG Electrode Cable Electrode Cable for EMG, EEG, and ECG
Temperature & Skin Resistance Cable Temperature and Skin Resistance Sensor Cable

Optional Cables

For 2 channel Temperature and Skin Resistance order:
Temperature and Skin Resistance Cable MC-6SY   Temperature and Skin Resistance Cable $60  _ add_to_cart_
Finger Electrodes  

SE-35  Finger Electrodes (pack of two)                    $9    _ add_to_cart_




For 4 channel EMG work (C2+12 model only,) order two additional:

EMG/EEG/ECG Electrode Cable MC-5SW  Electrode Cable for EMG/EEG/ECG  $60      _ add_to_cart_

For HRV and Breathing work, order:

Respiration Sensor MC-3MY Respiration Sensor (magnetic type)    $150    _ add_to_cart_
Gel-Free Wrist Electrodes  
MC-5D Gel Free Wrist Electrodes Optional - Reusable Heart Rate Sensors                                                                     $75    _ add_to_cart_  



For EEG work, order:

EEG Supplies Kit SK-1 EEG Supplies Kit (1 pack SE-20 EEG electrodes, 1 pack SE-22A earclips, 1 tube JE-26 Ten-20 paste                   $50    _ add_to_cart_
For Four-Channel EEG work (C2+12 only) order 2 each:
Electrode Cable MC-5S Electrode Cable (single positive snap for EEG channel 3 or 4 only)

                                                                                $35   _ add_to_cart_