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 William Scott, Richard Soutar Demystifying Researched Alpha Theta Protocols

 $79  $89 /$95



 Bill Scott Refining Alpha Theta protocols for OCD, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety: alpha suppression, assisting crossover, differentiating alpha/theta vs. Beta/SMR responders , troubleshooting for non-responders, working with children

$79  $89 /$95



 Bill Scott  Advanced Alpha Theta Course

 39 $49 $55



 Bill Scott WS2A Troubleshooting Alpha-Theta

 39 $49 $55



 Bill Scott  Applications of ALpha Theta Training in Clinical Practice

 39 $49 $55



 Bill Scott Using Alpha-Theta With Addicts: A Walk Through The Dependent Mind.

 39 $49 $55



 S. Sideroff & W. Scott An Alpha/Theta program for anxiety, PTSD, depression as well as substance abusers

 $79  $89 /$95



 George Von Hilsheimer The Work of D.A. Quirk: Treatment of Schizophrenia, BiPolar Disorder and Violence by combining GSR Desensitization and EEG Biofeedback. A 30 Year Perspective On Biofeedback: Quick, Dirty, Useful Techniques to Enhance Technological Sophistication.

 39 $49 $55



 Nancy White Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback for Resolving Disorders and Enhancing Consciousness

 39 $49 $55



 Richard Soutar Alpha/Theta Training & Spiritual Dimensions of Counseling; A Bardo Surgeons Guide

 39 $49 $55



 Uwe Gerlach "breath-walk" and neurofeedback - how to practice and control this new tool for alpha and alpha/theta training

 39 $49 $55

  WIGR-2 Alfonso Bermea Applying Neurofeedback to Criminal Offenders: 39 $49 $55



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Alcoholism/Addiction/ Criminals Penniston Protocol


Bill Scott W047-2 Troubleshooting Alpha-Theta
This course is designed to address the 10-20% of clients who may not respond to alpha-theta training in the traditional protocols. Participants will learn
to more quickly assess progress or the lack thereof. We will also cover some more interactive protocols to assist crossover, and real-time state management training for OCD. We will also discuss effective ways of handling sleep, using squash filters, understanding post session graphs, recognizing good and bad alpha and training expectations for various populations.
Test Questions:
What does it mean when one’s alpha amplitude is elevating away from his or
her theta amplitude?
a) The client is falling asleep
b) The client is becoming more aroused
c) The client is engaging in creative thought
d) The client is meditating
How can you tell good alpha from bad alpha?
a) Bad alpha always bursts at lower amplitudes
b) Good alpha is always higher in amplitude
c) You tap the client’s foot and ask him or her to tune in at a point alpha
is high and another point when it is low during the session. Then you ask the
client about the different experiences after the session
d) Good alpha always centers on 10Hz
You should always wake a client from sleep during an alpha-theta session. T F
Alpha theta changes attitudes. T F
Alpha-theta training is always best for OCD. T F
A8GG2 Bill Scott Using Alpha-Theta With Addictions: A Walk Through The Dependent Mind.
This workshop is intended for those either working in chemical dependency and / or those wanting to improve effectiveness with this population.
Topics include: 12-step integration, imagery inductions, predicting outcomes, detecting resistance and therapeutic interventions, similarities and differences, and a demonstration session.

B8MM2 George Von Hilsheimer The Work of D.A. Quirk: Treatment of Schizophrenia, BiPolar Disorder and Violence by combining GSR Desensitization and EEG Biofeedback. A 30 Year Perspective On Biofeedback: Quick, Dirty, Useful Techniques to Enhance Technological Sophistication.  Wolpe was unable to treat schizophrenics using RIT. However, Quirk, the first psychologist in North America to be given full charge of a psychiatric ward enjoyed a remarkable success using GSR to monitor physiological responses to hierarchically arranged lantern slides in Rorschach categories. Quirk and his colleague credited desensitization to Mary Cover Jones.

The combination of Mary Cover Jones' method with Sterman's EEG biofeedback reliably allows restoration of long term schizophrenic and bipolar patients to effective independence and avoidance of hospital (and drugs). Quirk also reduced recidivism in male felons from 98% to 40% using similar tactics. His application of these well established methods in private practice made a range of bizarre behaviors accessible to neurotherapy.

A8R2 Alfonso Bermea Applying Neurofeedback to Criminal Offenders:

An indepth discussion of a model of treatment where EEG NF provides the foundation for an individual to begin taking personal responsibility for his choices. A model is presented involving monitoring the physiolo gical response to life's stressors and learning to use self regulation skills. As a result people once thought of as lost causes are maintaining abstinence and practicing positive social behaviors.

Anyone working with clients having a history of problems leading to involvement in the criminal justice system will appreciate the information Alfonso will present in this workshop. Clinicians will develop an understanding of the significance of treating both the neuropsychological deficits and the "criminal thinking errors" which precede the client's antisocial behavior. An overview of the process involved in moving the resistant client from non- compliance to compliance, and ultimately to finding self motivation to participate in this court ordered drug treatment program. The use of EEG Neurofeedback to treat alcoholism, and other drug addictions, post traumatic stress disorder, mild closed head injury, ADD, ADHD, violent behavior, and domestic violence will be addressed. EEG neurofeedback is used to improve impulsivity, which is often a precursor to violent behavior. EEG Neurofeedback offers support to cognitive interventions thereby enhancing success in treatment. The future of EEG Neurofeedback in the criminal justice system will be covered, including the development of new relationships between clinicians and the criminal justice system.

Bio: Mr. Alfonso Bermea Jr. is the Program Coordinator for the Wellness Addiction Community Treatment Health (WATCH) program in Topeka, Kansas. This program was developed by the Life Sciences Institute of Mind Body Health, Inc. under the directors, Steve Fahrion, Pat Norris, Carol Snarr and Jeff Nichols, all formerly of the Menninger Institute in Topeka.

Alfonso's experience in working with violent, addicted criminal and psychiatric populations spans more than a decade. Alfonso is recognized for the research he conducted while with the Texas Youth Commission, working with violent and addicted youthful offenders who had committed murder.

Alfonso is the Chief Executive Officer of Neurotherapy Consultative Services a private company he developed to provide training and consultation nationally and internationally.