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 WC35-4 Joel Lubar Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA): Applications for Evaluation of Attentional Disorders, Depression, Autistic Disorders, and Other Psychiatric Disorders

 $79  $89 /$95



 Jay Gunkelman WS2B EEG/qEEG and NFB with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

 39 $49 $55



 WE332A2 Mike Linden Advances in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

 39 $49 $55



 WD--3 Lynda & Michael Thompson Using Neurofeedback for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

 39 $49 $55



 E5-4 Lynda and Michael Thompson Aspergerís, ADHD, or Seizure Disorder ? Differential Diagnosis and Intervention

 $79  $89 /$95



 WB18-2   Michael Thompson Aspergerís Syndrome: What it is and  what to do about it.

 39 $49 $55



 WD-32 Hershel Toomim Clinical Cerebral Blood Flow HEG workshop

  39 $49 $55



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2 hour workshop: DVD $49, VHS $55, CD $39

4 hour workshop: DVD $89, VHS $95, CD $79

Plenary Talks on CD $10 each, minimum three titles, may be included on same CD

Last number of product number denotes whether the recording is a two or four hour title


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 to Canada, Alaska and HI $12 first item, $1 each additional item

Shipping to Europe $18 $12 first item, $1 each additional item






 __PS8-38.A:   Stu Donaldson:  Pain & Fibromyalgia Integrating EEG & EMG  Sheila Steele: Retardation & Autism:  Case Studies:Fast Response to Single Hertz NF