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Biofeedback Neurofeedback Success: Practice Marketing, Management, Promotion

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Neurofeedback Practice Success DVD Course    tapes on how to build and market a successful practice (save $20 by ordering this combination)
    Successful Neurofeedback Practice Strategies W9E2 S.Louise Norris
    Marketing and Expanding your Neurofeedback Practice WB52-2 Brian Wolpert,
    Paul Swingle W046-2 How to Put together and Line up Talks to Laymen and Professionals to build your practice and increase public & Professional Awareness.  sold as DVD    One Click Buy Now
  WE54A2  Tom Boone and Tom Collura A novel walk-in, timesharing approach to supervised clinical neurofeedback. This has built a booming practice. See four or five or eight clients at the same time with this effective, booming practice approach $45 $49
  WB52-2  Brian Wolpert Marketing and Expanding your Neurofeedback Practice $45 $49
  WIG-EE2 S. Louise Norris  Collecting The Income You Earn.:Insurance, reimbursement, billing, practice mngmnt 39 $49
  W9E2  Successful Neurofeedback Practice Strategies S.Louise Norris 2 hr workshop Getting started in EEG biofeedback? Here's an essential tape to help you save time and ramp up your understanding of the do's and don'ts of the business issues of managing your practice. $45 $49
  WD2-2D  DVD Robert Gurnee How to run an ADD Clinic DVD $49      OneClick Buy Now $49
  WD2-2C  CD   Robert Gurnee How to run an ADD Clinic CD $45       OneClick Buy Now $45
  WD19-2D DVD Peter Van Deusen Building your Dream Private Practice       OneClick Buy Now  
  WD19-2C CD Peter Van Deusen Building your Dream Private Practice      OneClick Buy Now $45 $49
Gay Larned SELLING NEUROFEEDBACK; Developing A Successful ‘Gorilla Marketing’ Plan For Fun and Profit
WD48-2D  DVD $49    OneClick Buy Now
WD48-2C CD $45    OneClick Buy Now
  WB7-2 Wes Sime Elements of Successful Stress Management Consultation in Business and Organizations; Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Risk Management and Peak Achievement Training $45 $49
  WB8-2  Peter Van Deusen Effective Home Based Brain Training $45 $49
Paul Swingle  How to Put together and Line up Talks to Laymen and Professionals to build your practice and increase public & Professional Awareness. The workshop will provide participants with an understanding of how to put together, organize and make arrangements to present talks on your services to lay and profesional groups. The workshop will be both didactic and demonstration.
-know important contents to include in a presentation
-know how to contact key people for setting up talks
-know common questions to anticipate will be asked.
$45 $49
Julian Isaacs How To Market and Deliver Neurofeedback Services to Schools
DVD $49   OneClick Buy Now
CD $45    OneClick Buy Now
In 1998 the delivery of neurofeedback to schools in the Yonkers school district was the best covered national media topic in the area of biofeedback. Providing neurofeedback to school systems is one of the most effective methods to progress neurofeedback's acceptance because it is usually successful, schools provide a huge market, and the topic is newsworthy. It also recruits clients for private practice. The presenter of this workshop will share expertise gained from a variety of individuals' experience in the successful research and delivery of neurofeedback in public schools. This workshop will equip participants to successfully market and deliver neurofeedback services to schools, outlining a range of service delivery models from volunteer to full service provision.
Particular emphasis will be placed on methods of selecting neurofeedback training protocols which are safe and effective to use on children who have not received a QEEG. Techniques for the effective utilization of typical existing psychoeducational evaluation data will be outlined. Important safety, legal and ethical issues will be addressed and the adaptation of existing neurofeedback techniques and practices to the school environment will be covered in detail.
(i) Participants will learn to assess the suitability of candidate children in the school system for neurofeedback training.
(ii) Participants will learn how to correctly utilize school-based evaluations of children and integrate their findings with other specialized psychometric and other assessment instruments for evaluating neurofeedback candidates prior to and after neurofeedback treatment.
(iii) Participants will learn how to develop safe and effective neurofeedback training protocols for use with children who have not had a QEEG performed. This will include the use of relatively low cost EEG equipment for the assessment of EEG status pre-treatment.

Gay Larned Everything You Need for a Successful Neurofeedback Practice.

WC3-2D DVD    OneClick Buy Now
WC3-2C   CD   OneClick Buy Now

 You’ve gone through the training and bought NF equipment. Now what?! This practice development workshop offers an easy approach to the fundamental basics of a successful NF practice and is designed for new and established clinicians alike. A manual I developed for a clinician support group I started in my area significantly increased success for anyone who followed it. We’ll go through the manual, step-by-step, find out how to do gorilla marketing on a budget, how to present a NF lecture or initial client consultation so that clients, parents and children want to come back, and tons of useful ideas, contacts, websites, forms, and articles to get you well on your way. Can everyone say ‘waiting list’? Gay Larned, PhD, has opened several ADD Centers and is as passionate about teaching techniques for a successful practice as she is about the practice of NF with her clients.               

Bio: Gay Larned, PhD, is a licensed clinical social worker and has a doctorate in social psychology. After a successful family counseling practice for over 25 years. she changed her practice exclusively to neurofeedback in 1995. Dr. Larned initiated a monthly support group for clinicians in her area and is as passionate about teaching business and marketing techniques for a successful practice as she is about sharing NF with children and families at her ADD Centers. In 1996 she wrote the foreword to Everyone Wins! Non-Competitive Party Games and Activities for Children (Jody L. Blosser, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.) and was appointed to a Governor's Commission, State of Connecticut, in recognition of her innovative work with families.


  WIG-EE2 S. Louise Norris  Collecting The Income You Earn.:Insurance, reimbursement, billing, practice mngmnt $45 $49

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