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We also carry Roshi, Biocomp, Lexicor. Call for more details.

Start your Neurofeedback Career right with the Neurofeedback Foundations Video Home Training Course, learning from some of the world's leading trainers.

Biograph Procomp Plus:

Click here for a whole lot more about Procomp BIograph

bgsmiley.gif (35835 bytes) This system has become our hottest as it has matured into a powerful, stable multimedia program without anyequal in the industry. Up to eight channels of feedback with 2 of EEG. Extraordinary Windows multimedia environment with great sound & Graphics Pick and choose from EEG, EMG, GSR, Respiration, thermal, pulse, and more. Serial input with fiber optic cable for easy notebook capability.     Manufactured by Thought Technology, the largest, strongest biofeedback company in the world. Buy from us and get 100% of the support they provide plus our extras. You win even bigger getting your Thought Tech products from FUTUREHEALTH.
And you support our other efforts too.

What you get with  each Procomp Biograph system sold

1) 4 hour Biograph instructional workshop Video from the 1998 Winter Brain Conference taught by  Valdeane Brown, who is Thought Tech's primary Biograph Software use trainer for $29 instead of $189.

2)one hour of phone support (you pay phone bill) with Valdeane Brown

Two channel systems start at $3900 and up.


This is the clinician's dream DOS system-- astonishingly beautiful graphics, (animated fractals, great control of feedback, versatile instrumentation.)integrate EEG with EMG, thermal, GSR, pulse, respiration.$6800 with eight channels, Specially set up computer with two monitors. also required. Add Biograph for $1295


integrated biofeedback system with 16 channel capacity now with future 64 channel capability.
Uses DSP for  sophisticated real-time analysis, optical fiber cable, active sensor EMG, thermal, SCL, HR , resp, ECG also available simultaneously.
Unique featues allow multi EEG and other channels simultaneously which fit research needs like no other system.

Board required in computer. Usually $8000 on up


Powerful four or eight channel system programmable to function in different modalities-- EEG or other.
Capable of running multiple patients simultaneously.
NEW Thinking cap Brain blood-flow feedback.

Prices start at $2995 for two channel and $4995 for four channel. Add $1000 for Thinking Cap

Autogen A-620 click here for more detailed info

The A620 EEG  is extremely easy to operate, even for the biofeedback or computer novice. Easy session set-up. Easy to interpret session data. Easily adjusted reward criteria. SOFTWARE THAT WORKS. And, unlike other EEG systems, you don't need to know computer programming to use the A620.

Using Dr. Joel F. Lubar's time tested protocol, you can be sure the A620 incorporates meaningful features not even contemplated in competitive instruments. The A620 is the most well thought-out and most thoroughly field-tested Neurofeedback System available.

$3399 basic system $399 impedance meter for testing electrodes

$199 optional add on Alpha theta software.

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