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Inner R-Evolution

This page is about making changes from within-- the self, from within organizations and even within countries.

The title is inspired by Robert Thurman's book of the same name, which tells the story of Tibet's "Inner Revolution."

I've taken the liberty of changing the lettering a bit, at the suggestion of Dennis Campbell, so that it also suggests Inner evolution as well as revolution.

My background includes 30 years in the field of self awareness and self regulation (meditation, yoga, consciousness exploration etc.), and almost that long in biofeedback. For virtually all of that time, I have felt that the same kind of revolution in space exploration that was occurring in the late sixties, when I got started, could also occur at an inner level-- that an inner space exploration process could take us just as far as the Outer space NASA-based projects took us.

Robert Thurman's book shows us how the Tibetans did just that. They developed a culture and government based on just this idea of inner awareness, consciousness and exploration.

As this page grows, I hope it will inspire others to think of ways to not only look to the material outward world, but also to the inner world for exploration of human potential and resources.

We need a budget, not just of dollars thrown at this idea, but of funding which will enable people to commit their lives, their energies, their souls to the kinds of paths ascetic monks have taken in times long past.

Imagine if it were possible for a gifted scientist to take time from his or her regular work to also explore an inward journey, with funding which would allow his family to continue to function and plan for things like family vacations, college tuition, etc.

Our world todayis more complex than it was in Tibet, where the Inner Revolution flourished. We need to take fresh looks at how to extract the best ideas and approaches while still enabling people to live and function in the world we and our children are living in.

Part of the goal is to become more enlightened. Part is to empower people to optimize the use of their own personal resources and potentials. Part is to shed light on potentials we as individuals and groups of humans may not even be aware of. And partis to expore other kinds of revolutions we need to start or contribute to in order to move the evolution of our world and our livs and souls forward.

I would very much like to see contributions from others either included in this page with internal links or external links to other websites. please contact me at

Rob Kall
211 N. Sycamore St.
Newtown, PA 18940


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