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Mindset EEG NeuroMapping System

$6500 plus computer (we recommend getting the computer from us.)


16 Channel EEG


Ordering Information

-Realtime Topographic Neuromap Rendering on PC
- Low cost Bioset Extension Modules for EMG, EKG & GSR
- SCSI Connection To Desktop PC or Notebook for Field Use
MindSet is a 16 - Channel Electroencephalographic Neuromapping System designed for use with a personal computer. MindSet combines highly advanced electroencephalographic laboratory software with a precision 16 channel digital EEG acquisition instrument, to provide a complete, yet extensible, EEG Neuromapping system.

Advanced features of the MindSet system include realtime two and three Mindset Hemispheric Histogram dimensional topographic visualization, neurometric analysis, routine EEG study, phase coherence analysis, compressed spectral array visualization, inter-electrode interpolation, hyperlinked neurological anatomy database, MIDIbot feedback, neural network trend extraction, light and sound machine interface, and scripted programming interface for user defined analyses.

Designed for research and bio-interfacing use, MindSet incorporates the latest EEG signal analysis processes and a complete suite of standard and experimental neurometric protocols.

MindSet is unmatched as a neurological research instrument, with the most complete and advanced range of features available in a single package, all at a cost affordable to individual researchers. MindSet puts you at the forefront of neurotechnology and the science of the mind.

   Mindset EEG is not intended for use in clinical or medical applications and is not FDA approved. The manufacturer makes no claims as to potential medical or therapeutic benefits from its use.
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