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 MyoTrac3 Specifications

The MyoTrac 3™, with BioGraph Infiniti Software and Continence Suite, allows clinicians the flexibility to customize applications for a diverse patient population.

A highly sensitive dual channel sEMG biofeedback device, the MyoTrac 3™ allows clinicians to monitor two muscle sites simultaneously. BioGraph Infiniti Software can be used with any laptop computer and Windows® 2000/XP for easy, portable monitoring.

For more information, see Continence Suite.    $2489.00

 Vaginal Sensor - SA6050
 Rectal Sensors -

For single patient multiple use monitoring of the pelvic floor muscles. These precision sensors feature a vertical electrode configuration to ensure measurement along the direction of the muscle group. The T-bar ensures repeatability of measurement with respect to orientation and depth placement between uses. The small overall size and bulb configuration enable comfortable and secure seating of the sensor in a number of client positions including walking, standing or prone.

The Continence Suite for MyoTrac3 combines Thought Technology's powerful BioGraph Infiniti software with specialized protocols, tutorials, screens, animations and statistics, designed to provide customized clinical treatment for your clients. Its flexibility in all aspects of its use, from recording options to protocols and sound and visual feedback, will enable you to reach new levels of treatment.

Simply click on 'Start Session', choose your client and training screens, and start treatment. For subsequent training sessions, the client's screens and other settings are loaded from the prior session.

Comprehensive View of Client Rehabilitation
The Continence Suite has been designed to aid in the treatment of incontinence. Most incontinence problems can be improved by biofeedback. Patients can acquire more control over their pelvic muscle strengthening, reducing excessive muscle activity or using the muscle appropriately.

The Suite proposes various screens and scripts for:

  • Perineal Control
  • Controlled perineal contraction
  • Held perineal contraction
  • Pelvic floor hypertonicity
  • Pelvic floor hypotonicity
  • Postpartum perineal tonicity
  • Relaxation of perineal muscles
  • Stress incontinence
  • and more...

Audio Visuals Can Make A World of Difference
Comprehensive use of animations and sounds provide relevant rehabilitation goals and activities to keep clients motivated at the highest level:

  • Single and dual channel linegraphs, bargraphs and digital displays
  • Above and below threshold sound feedback options
  • A wide variety of sounds and music controlled by SEMG
  • Animations - custom animations for pediatrics
  • Video/DVD

Feedback Screens
Created for simplicity and functionality in two formats: pre-defined protocols or open display monitoring. The general SEMG screens provide flexible use with a variety of muscle groups. The screens are further divided into Rehabilitation, Relaxation and Expert groupings, for more specific treatment.

Tutorial Scripts (Protocols)
With the help of various pictures and video demonstrations, the novice trainer can quickly grasp where to place electrodes, view characteristic signals, and learn how to run a scripted session.

Evaluation Scripts (Protocols)
A companion to the Tutorial scripts, these evaluation protocols are a quick and easy way to evaluate your clients.

Incontinence Scripts (Protocols)
An extensive set of scripts geared to the treatment of incontinence. The suite provides work-rest or continuous exercise protocols containing templates of varying degrees of difficulty. Allows you to build training programs suited to your client's individual needs.

Customize your reports
Easily editable reports provide valuable information for third party payers and patient files. Editing features include:

  • artifact rejection.
  • statistics on part or all of the session.
  • the ability to save the statistics for clinical reports.
  • customizing your documents with your clinic's name and information.

Document Your Client's Progress with a Variety of Trending Options
Trend reporting allows you to graphically and statistically chart a client's progress between or within sessions.

Templates include a range of simple to challenging visual traces for your clients to follow. The Suite comes with a number of pre-made templates - or you can create your own.