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Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback. It's a training process which uses technology to provide you with more information about what your body is doing than your ordinary senses provide. This "feedback" helps you learn to use your mind to develop greater control over your body, or, in the case of neurofeedback, your brain.

Neurofeedback Central organizes all the pages on our site  covering Neurofeedback, QEEG, The Winter Brain Neurofeedback Meeting (world's largest,) articles, info and abstracts, Neurofeedback Foundations and advanced QEEG and EEG biofeedback training tapes, neurofeedback instrumentation, neurofeedback FAQ and more.

Our best resources on this site include hundreds of free abstracts from past meetings we've run and hundreds of very affordable  tapes of workshops and lectures. Spend a few hours with us here, or print out 50 or 100 pages of valuable free info. I've been working with neurofeedback since 1972, and I'm happy to share the resources I've developed with you. Feel free to give me a call to say hello, or to ask a brief question.

Rob Kall, M.Ed., BCIAC Senior Fellow, BCIAC EEGC   webmaster

Meetings and Trainings Coming Up

Getting Started with Neurofeedback

Information Resources on Neurofeedback; Free and for purchase

Meeting Abstracts

Free  Abstracts from the 2000 Winter Coonference on Brain Functioni, Modification & Training
Free Abstracts from the 1999 Winter Conference on Brain function, Modification & Training
Free Abstracts from the 1998 Winter Conference on Brain function, Modification & Training
Free Abstracts from the '97 Winter Brain/Neurofeedback meeting.
Free 96 Winter Brain Neurofeedback Meeting Abstracts one page for printing out whole proceedings
Abstracts Archives for our Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and Surface EMG Meetings
Computerized & Stand alone EEG Neuro/biofeedback systems
new(1).gif (106 bytes)Exhibit Hall Video a tape demo-ing five different EEG biofeedback systems. Great for beginners or experienced pros looking to add another system.
Procomp Biograph Infiniti  Our hottest selling Neurofeedback/conventional biofeedback system
run eight channels of physiology, including EEG, TMP, EMG, SCL, RESP, PPG, ECG, +  $3690 on up
Brainmaster Windows dual channel EEG    $1599 includes brain mirror display, games. Open SW architecture,
Optional Add-on Animation and protocol Software available.
    Two Hour video software tutorial available.    This system is  HOT!  Price and performance are making it happen.

new(1).gif (106 bytes)The C2 and C2 Mini start  $1200 for two channels that give you a mix of two channels of EEG, EMG, Heart Rate, ECG, HRV, RSA or respiration. Get the upgraded, more powerful system with Thermal and GSR for a $400 saving, at $2499 Impedance Checking Built in

Waverider Dual channel Windows EEG $950 includes GSR also.   ( this is the basic hardware and software platform that the Peak Achievement trainer  (retailing for over $2500 is built on.)
Autogen A-620, Designed by Joel Lubar An excellent turnkey package for a neurofeedback practice.  $3500

Pendant Wireless EEG BF Trainer with BioExplorer  $1175

Bio Scan EEG $289

Standalone Neurofeedback Units
High End Neurofeedback Systems
Cyber Flea Market: Used & Demo systems


Single Abstracts from  Winter Brain Conference

Neurofeedback Links

PsyPhy Clinical Psychophysiology Listserve Group learn how to subscribe to the biggest public biofeedback listserve group going. It is one of the best open listserve groups I've encountered. A great way to feel connected to the biofeedback field if you are working alone, geographically. An international treasure, founded by Arnon Rolnick, of Israel. 
AAPB Association for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback
SSNR Society for Study of Neuronal Regulation Journal 
           Neurofeedback Yellow Pages
Home Page of EEG Spectrum Lots of useful info and hot links to interesting sites.
The Ghost in the Box - Introduction and Recommendation
Joel Lubar's Neurofeedback Training Workshops & individual professional training & patient treatment
           Program Evaluation of EEG Neurofeedback at New Visions School: from John Anderson. 65 students
             received EEG neurofeedback services during the 1996-97 school year.   Evaluated by TOVA and Conners' CPT.
          Dr. Les Fehmi's biofeedback based Open Focus
Len Och's Light & Energy Field Feedback Neurofeedback Site
Biofeedback Net
           The Biofeedback Network
Brainwave Treatment Centers discussion board, Referrals
Extended Attention Span Training System ADD ADHD EEG Spin-off Description of a NASA applied neurophysiology project
Ted La Vaque's Web Page  discusses the topic of psychostimulant use and EEG biofeedback therapy. Lots of links and references
          Index of -Data-Korean NF Website
Mind-Brain Society
           Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
           Jaime Romano, M.D. Centro Neuro Psico Pedagogico One of Mexico's foremost neurophsyiology facilities, offering QEEG and neurofeedback, integrating neurology, psychology and education.
 Thoughtform Interpretation Studio The event-resolution microscope for EEG/EP/ERP investigation! This new software tool is basically a high-resolution microscope for waves. It is used to discover patterns and amplify signals associated with meaningful events, states, and conditions of the mind and brain.
The Affordable Neurofeedback Website A site dedicated to the Vision of affordable Neurofeedback for all of us. a non profit site , dedicated to making quality neurofeedback training available to everyone


Steve Kassel's Website: stuff on Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Pain, Biofeedback in Schools, Slay the S.A.T. Dragon, Just Say NO to HMO's and about his clinical practice.

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