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Rob Kall: An interview with Joe Kamiya Inventor of Neurofeedback Joe Kamiya, THE inventor of neurofeedback, talking about his original work at University Chicago-- that's right Neurofeedback started at the University of Chicago. And Joe, who did that first work in 1958, also talks about his visions of the future of the field. Joe and I also co-edited the free, online book Textbook of Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, qEEG and Brain Self Regulation  other recording

Rob Kall: Tom Budzynski, biofeedback pioneer, neurofeedback pioneer, inventor, rocket scientist at area 51 His history and role in inventing surface EMG muscle biofeedback. Using an understanding of the brain, particularly right vs. left brain for affirmations and imagery for THE SECRET. left hemisphere is newer, more top-down native american kids move more after 3rd grade. When you try to impose a left brain culture study of CEOs most were ADHD-- intuitive, reacting fast, like hunters. mentions Joe Kamiya related to the

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