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Rob Kall: Sig Othmer; Low Frequency neurofeedback We discuss Sig's early history in the field and then the new work with ultra low frequency neurofeedback.

Rob Kall: Rae Tattenbaum; Enabling Optimal Performance in Kids, Performers... and spiritual approaches and integration we cover a lot of ground-- ADD ADHD kids, optimal performance for performers... spiritual approaches and integration
Rob Kall: Tom Collura visions of the future of Neurofeedback, Z-Scores, qEEG and a bit of history Past President, ISNR, founder, Brainmaster.com

Rob Kall: Robert Thatcher Advances in Understanding the Brain, Z-Score Neurofeedback, Why EEG is More Important than ever in a wide ranging interview, Dr. Bob Thatcher shares some early neurofeedback and qEEG history, some visions of the future and summarizes some of the insights billions in brain research have yielded.
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Rob Kall: Hershel Toomim on Brain Blood Flow, HEG Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback Hershel, at 93, shares background on HEG and close to 50 years of experience working with biofeedback.

Rob Kall: Interview with Joel Lubar-- ADHD, LORETA, Z-Scores, History Dr. Joel LubarSome notes taken during the interview: early experiments in 1973, 1974 with Sterman's protocol suggested it would help MBD conrolled double blind study 75, 76 Wrote book, Behavioral approaches to neurology 1981 Woman's day magazine published in 1991 was a breakthrough article boy in clinic did really well and mother was a freelancer. Article got such widespread distribution got 6500 inquiries from around

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