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Karl Pribram: Brain and Conscious Experience: Where are We? Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Karl Pribram.
Karl Pribram: Brain and the Configuration of Conscious Experience Futurehealth WinterBrain Plenary Presentation by Karl Pribman
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: States of Brain Mind; States of Healing; Speaking the Language of Shamans Futurehealth Winterbrain 1 hour workshop by Lewis Mehl Madrona
Karl Pribram: The Brain and the Narrative "I" Pribram, Karl. Futurehealth Plenary
Tom Collura: Whole Brain and Couples/Group Training using EEG Connectivity Futurehealth Workshop by Tom Collura This course will provide technical background and practical applications for training the whole brain using EEG feedback techniques including various measures of coherence, synchrony, and asymmetry, using a variety of methods inluding Z-score based training and BiHemiSynchronous protocols. Couples work will be covered, including joint synchrony training, group feedback, and competitive training paradigms.

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