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# Date Link
#1 1/7/2007 Head and Heart: Combined Modalities: The LENS neurofeedback and HRV training (Stephen Larsen)
#2 7/22/2008 How to Teach Breath Self-Regulation with an Understanding of HRV, RSA, C02, and the connection to Brain Training (Rosemary Macgregor)
#3 3/18/2009 Measuring and Improving Cardiovascular Homeostasis By Heart Breathing Biofeedback (Paul Lehrer)
#4 9/26/2008 Preventing and Healing Heart Disease with Biofeedback and Related Modalities (Naras Bhat)
#5 6/6/2008 Psychological Coherence: the relationship between heart brain dynamics, positive emotions, improved health and optimal performance (Rollin McCraty)

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