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October 2, 2011

The Politics of Prevention

By Lynette Louise

In the unique position of being certified in both holistic and mainstream medicine, Lynette sheds light on the frightening possibilites regarding preventing illness. This is a must read for anyone interested in having access to all the answers regarding their families health!


I would like to report that when I refer to "prevention" I mean prevention against illness.   But I don't mean that at all.   I mean prevention against prevention.

Unfortunately, in its effort to separate itself from Holistic Medicine, Mainstream Medicine -- or more simply, government supported by Pharma -- has declared prevention eventually illegal.

Eventually illegal .   It's an absurd thought, but it happens a lot in our society.

For example, here in California -- where I often reside -- it was illegal to talk on a handheld cell phone while driving, but not to text on one.   Of course, everyone knew that eventually texting and driving would not be legal.   But for a few months anyway, it was not likely to kill anybody because it was only eventually illegal.

Most likely this abject silliness in societal belief systems was an offshoot of some authoritative strategic planning: People riot when asked to change too quickly.

Fortunately, as every good scientist knows, incremental change is adaptive and can therefore make any kind of horrific event increasingly tolerable.   This is because the adjusted comparatives shift the proverbial bar of acceptability.   In other words" we get used to it.

So, whenever the powers that be want to enforce major changes, they know enough to "get us used to" one legislation before introducing another.  

Applying this to the texting analogy, since it wasn't illegal, we could pretend to have faith in the law and believe that texting wasn't likely to actually kill anybody.   But alas!   Eventually illegal, eventually, came about.   And then, remarkable, as our toys were taken away and we returned our eyes to the road it was hard to believe that anyone had dared to text while driving in the first place.

I know there are probably loads of people still texting and even more who knew it was dangerous before it was illegal.   But my eventual point has more to do with the politics of prevention, than safety and prevention themselves.

You see, I am in the unique position of working with autism using the therapy (or stress reduction training modality) of neurofeedback world-wide.

Those of us working with this very exciting brain teaching tool are board certified under either the natural therapy spiritual healer model or the mainstream medical model.

As for me, I am board certified in both.   This should mean that I'm double knowledgeable in the art and science of my chosen profession.   In fact, it doesn't mean that at all.   What it means is that I'm better prepared than the next gal to not be sued.   Either that or because of the clash in concepts of the legal and professional ethics within the two boards, I'm more likely to be sued.   I'm not sure which.   Unfortunately, there is no real way to discern the correct answer to that question.

When I first began working within the mental health field I was naïve enough to believe that the rules and laws pertaining to patients and clients were based upon what was right and/or wrong for said patients and clients.

However, it occurred to me that if such a thing were true, both Holistic Medicine and Mainstream Medicine would have the same rules to follow.

Instead, the rules for ethical operation are opposite in each.   To correctly follow one is to break the rules of the other.

One says I MUST ask intake questions, while the other says I am NOT allowed to.

A little incongruence is one thing, but when government hides a global conspiracy to make Holistic Health Care eventually illegal and it's hidden right under our noses in the form of public records, well, that's a whole other kettle of political pollution.

So, in case the hiding spot was effective and you aren't in the know, here it is: There is something called the Codex Alimentarius Treaty ( ) and it hides under the premise of good work and a verbose ambiguity in its presentation of the facts.   At least on this website, anyway.

The problem with such a written presentation is that it's too boring to maintain one's attention long enough to not fall asleep while reading.

Thus, instead of the uninitiated eventually coming to understand what the Codex intends on making eventually come to pass, only those who are already educated on the subject will take the time to comprehend the Treaty's objective.

This leaves the entire subject either obscure or open to interpretation of others, whom we then accept as experts simply because they seem to have read the damn thing.   Thus, we endorse their opinion on the matter in order to have one and seem informed.  

According to one of the boards that certified me (effectively becoming my expert on the subject), various governments gathered together and collectively agreed upon a plan of action whose intention is to eventually close down the alternative health care field.   I have no idea if this interpretation ( ) is true or not, as the Codex documentation is too dry to discern.   But it certainly is unnerving.

Though I can't be sure of the truth, I do know that global governments wanting to prevent prevention in order to protect prescripting so that they can enrich the pharmaceutical industry, thereby eventually lining the pockets of their political campaigns is plausible, probable, and even extremely likely.

Fact is, the alternative healthcare field is harder to control than mainstream medicine with its tightly fisted licensing boards.   And, historically, groups who are harder to control are seen as enemies by any government body trying to control them.

Thus, I suppose it is logical that my expert's view of the situation is correct.   Global governments will most likely want to make alternative and unlicensed healthcare eventually illegal: As soon as we get used to the idea!

Originally, the timing for "illegal" was set at 2005.   However, the date has since been pushed back.   Perhaps all that ambiguity is to blame.   Ambiguity often leads to failure.

Normally, I'm very non-political and don't write or talk about things like this.   I focus on what I can do rather than what I can't, and go about the business of helping rather than complaining.  

But this issue is closer to home than I might like it to be.   A few years ago I had a staph infection which led to lung surgery.   It was Mainstream Medicine that saved my life.

However, staph infections are contagious and when my whole family began suffering with abscess after abscess, Mainstream Medicine could offer nothing outside of lancing (surgical) and thousands of dollars of gut wrenching antibiotics.

We spent the money.   We took all the time and the advised precautions, but still we continued to grapple with infection upon infection over a two year period.   Finally, I researched the problem on the internet only to find that mega doses of garlic and a five-dollar contraption (make from a nine volt battery, alligator clips and a piece of copper pipe) could cure us, every one of us, in five days--for good.   I tried it.   And it WORKED!

My family and I have had many such occasions to discover that health lies in the hands of alternative approaches to medicine.   Nowadays, just as in my business, I am certified in both arenas of medicine.

So, in my home do I embrace the two?

I use Holistic Medicine for health maintenance, Mainstream for emergencies, and the internet for diagnosis and alternative solutions.

I, and you, are able to access these solutions due to the laws about freedom of shared information given to us in the past.   With these laws intact, the internet, magazines, newspapers, television and books have been birthed.

Though I don't normally "go political," I felt remiss to not bring the problem to light somewhere.   This is a new era with too much for any one person to know.   I've come to believe that healing myself is my responsibility.   My provider is simply one of the tools I use to do that with.   But if some of those tools are removed, I may not be able to do my job.

So prevention has politics.   And those politics are preventing us from preventing our own ill health or possibly demise.   That is something we should prevent from happening.

I am engaged in the cause of preventing global misinformation from leading to an increase in maladaptive behaviors within the autistic community.   I am busy.   Therefore, I am going to delegate this objective to you.

Eventually illegal doesn't always prevent eventual problems, illness and death.   Sometimes it causes them.

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LYNETTE LOUISE: MS, NTC, BCIA-EEG Board Certified in Neurofeedback; PhDin MOM
Lynette raised eight children, (six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum). Only one retains his label and remains dependent. Born in Canada, Lynette moved to America in 1995. An expert in Autism, and on how to incorporate neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain) as the main therapy approach for the autistic child, Lynette travels internationally performing and speaking on the subject. She is the author of two books. Her latest and most renowned being MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism.