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November 7, 2011

MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism by Lynette Louise/My Review

By Tsara Shelton

In this book,global autism expert, author and mom (mine!) Lynette Louise shares with surprising honesty and humor the many mistakes and learning's that came with guiding three of my four autistic brothers off the spectrum of autism. As an expert she now travels the globe teaching play therapy, family dynamics and neurofeedback to families struggling to understand autism. She writes with passion, understanding and honesty.


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The surprisingly honest book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism was written by global autism expert and mother Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS PhD in M.O.M.   This book could not have been written so beautifully by any other.  

As a global autism expert she is invited eagerly into homes around the world-from Beirut to India to Kansas and more- as she shares her unique blend of play therapy, family dynamics counseling and neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain), effectively guiding parents comfortably into the role of expert in their family's healing.  

As a single mom (although often married, rarely co-parenting or co-bill paying) of eight now grown kids-six adopted, four of whom were on the spectrum of autism- she is non-judgmental, informed and quite hilarious.   She is also my mother.

Because of this I hesitated in writing this review.   I figured people would read it as biased and maybe even self-serving.   Perhaps some people will read it that way.

The reality is, this review is quite possibly more valuable because of my relationship with the author.

Let's all remember that our parents' endeavors generally make us nervous.   Our fear regarding how it reflects on us (although not the gargantuan proportion it was as teenagers) is always present.   I was always nervous when my mom stepped on stage to sing or preform stand-up comedy.   My palms sweat when she was about to make a radio show appearance or otherwise share her vision with the world.   I suppose it didn't help that until neurofeedback my mom herself was still struggling with social skills and face blindness.   So whenever she was in the spotlight I was scared.   I wanted her to succeed.   I wanted her to be "right' or "smart' or funny.   Sometimes, admittedly, I wanted her to shut up.

But with MIRACLES ARE MADE, she has shared with passion, humor and intelligence our lifetime of learning.   The therapies, struggles and mistakes made along the road to independence for three of my four autistic brothers have become a gift for other moms.   Other sisters.   Other families.    I don't know if it is "smart' or "right', but I do know that it is beautiful and helpful.   And downright funny!

I have four sons of my own, my two youngest being almost autistic themselves (read my diary entitled MY BOYS AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL AUTISM for more on that) and my highlighter was put to the test during my first, second and third reading of mom's new book.   The overall attitude and narrative make the concrete parenting answers easily grasped, understood and remembered.  

The sharing of miracles made and recognized by some of her clients from all over the world, invite a feeling of global understanding regarding autism and parenting in general.    They also remind us to see the miracles when they are made.   So many examples leave few readers and their unique situations feeling left out.   We are all represented in this book, and given concrete tools and understanding.

I love this book and sing its praise loudly.   I share with friends, teachers and strangers.   I carry a copy with me at all times and have given it proudly as a gift to struggling parents.   I am working as hard as I can to introduce my mom and her message to the world, proudly learning as she steps on stage, talks on the radio and appears on television.

I love this book and recommend it to parents (not just of autism) everywhere.

I love my mom and recommend her, too!

Authors Bio:

As the mother of four wonderful boys I get a huge kick out of being my own mother's PR person. I spend most of my time hanging out with my boys or making amends for my teenage years by sharing with the world the surprising and inspirational words of Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad. She held our hands as children(and their were eight of us!) and brought us intentionally along with her as we learned the beauty and humor in life's many frustrating scenarios. I love you mom!