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February 19, 2010

Les Fehmi & Susan Shor Fehmi; Open Focus, Attention, Brain Synchrony, Couples EEG Training

By Rob Kall

a wide ranging interview with Les and Susan, covering much of their work, Les's book, their approach to healing, their ideas about attention, about neurofeedback, about qEEG.


Podcast will be uploaded Sunday night, Feb 21, 2010
Les Fehmi and Susan Shore Fehmi
Les is Director and Susan is executive Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Center LLC

Les is Co-author of the book, the Open Focus Brain-- Harnessing the power of attention to heal mind and body.

New book, dissolving Pain, will hopefully be out this summer.

Chaired ther first national meeting of biofeedback researchers in 1968 in Aspen COlorado, was the first president of the biofeedback society of New Jersey.

Author of many publications in the field of biofeedback
Co-authored the

Has been a Consultant to Veterans Admin, Massachusettes General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and a researcher at NASA-AMES STanford University, UCLA's brain research institute and Lockheed Aircraft company.

He has developed and patented phase sensitive EEG biofeedback instrumentation and training programs.

Was invited by the US olympic development committee to train "world class" athletes in open focus and biofeedback and is also a consultant for coach Bob Ward of the Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and a certified specialist in speed and explosion by the national association of speed and explosion.

Susan Shore Fehmi is a licensed social worker in New Jersey and NY, recent recipient of the Joel Lubar award for
Formerly director of psychological services at the Behavioral Institute and Clinic of Princeton, director of the biofeedback and stress management clinic of ny city, a psychotherapist in private practice, adjuctant faculty at Hunter College,

Notes from the interview below

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Brain synchrony leads to sense of well being and integration. Brings about stronger feelings of union and oneness.
Hooking two people together and get them in synchrony-- feel synchrony, into-itness and harmony with their partner.
Have done a lot of couples work.

talks about different kinds of attention
what the beginning of NF is with the FEhmis.
placement locations, hardware
use of open focus for pain, including anxiety

working with ADD ADHD kids
in beginning, were reluctant to do open focus or phase synchronous and did single channel
in time, found that they were getting better results with whole head synchrony training and now do that first.

golfer who suffered from the yips-- uncontrollable muscle twitches in the forearm-- just before the putter his the ball, some twitches occur-- this is very bad for putting.
Open Focus, after a few hours, the yips were almost 100% gone. Also helped his tennis playing.

Work with Dallas Cowboys conditioning coach-- optimization of function strategies and protocols.

Speed and explosion work

People who are drawn to hierarchical, top, down, ... 48

Les "Everything boils down to attention. Attention is the most critical behavior we engage in. "


*** Changed personality from more formal to more .... 51:00

Role of qEEG in their work-- no longer do it first.

They use a service for qEEG analysis...

Workshops-- individual and couples training-- for practitioners and laymen.

Certification of trainers-- for practitioners. Find

Authors Bio:

One theme has run through my work for the past 40 plus years-- a desire to play a role in waking people up, raising their consciousness and empowering them.
I was the organizer founder of the Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meetings and president of Futurehealth, Inc., with interests in Positive Psychology as well as being involved in the field of biofeedback/neurofeedback since 1972.
see my more detailed bio, reflecting my work in biofeedback, here.

In 2003 I founded , where I've written over 1800 articles and have published over 100,000 other people's writings, with the goal of raising people's consciousness in political and activist ways.