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Karen Jacobs Method Storytelling Method Storytelling (SKU: AH-W2-315)
Futurehealth StoryCon 2 hour workshop presentation by Karen Jacobs. Explore your own history. Access the demons and crises in your life, identify nature experiences and render their marrow for your story telling. We will do group and individual processes to mine our own lives, to locate our most intense emotional experience. We will practice ways to utilize this marrow to render compelling stories.
Healing, Screenwriting, Story, StoryTelling, StoryTelling
Karen Jacobs Organic Storytelling Organic Storytelling (SKU: AH-P-358)
Futurehealth StoryCon 20 minute presentation by Karen Jacobs. Great stories originate in the mind of the creator. By articulating remembered feelings the writer can engage the audience wiht authentic emotional resonance.
Organic, Story, Story Consulting, StoryTelling, StoryTelling
Showing 1-2 of 2 items
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