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sEMG+ for Procomp dynamic EMG system

top of the line instrumentation for surface Electromyography.  Utilizing  Thought Technology's ProComp+ encoder and its the new SEMG+ software, the physical medicine and pain practitioner now has a tool that can monitor up to 8 channels of sEMG.  And, it is  software specifically designed with the practitioner in mind.


  • The Familiar Feel Of The WindowsTM Environment
  • Technical Displays
  • Sweep Speed and Sensitivity Controls
  • Pull Down Menus for Muscle Labels
  • Pull Down Menus for Movement Labels
  • Audio Feedback
  • Training Templates (Motor Copy)
  • NMES Software
  • Clinical Protocols designed by Therapists
  • Trials defined "on the fly"
  • Easy Access to Statistical Data
  • Session Review
  • Meaningful Clinical Reports

SEMG+ Software Features

  • Complete data base management. Easy to create, find and manage patient files.
  • Clinically relevant screens. Continuous data recording, "free running" modes where trials may be created "on the fly", clinical protocols with presets for the number of channels and more, "work rest" protocols, NMES protocols, and more downloadable protocols as they are developed.
  • Easy Screen Controls. Start, Stop, Clear Screen, Gain Controls, "Smart Scale" which brings the recruitment back on screen, Sweep control, Data Review, Screen Comments, Easy Audio On/Off.
  • Training Templates. Preset, clinically relevant templates that may be inserted into your training screens. Along with the ability to create and store templates for a particular patient.
  • Complete data review features. Numeric review of SEMG activity by screen or by trial. Easy review of session data by screen or across screens.
  • Audio Feedback with thresholds. A good variety of audio tones may be set for above or below an adjustable threshold.
  • Clinically relevant reports. The software comes with a basic report, with a variety of supplemental reports available.

    Procomp+ Encoder & SEMG+ Software

Base SEMG+ System with 4 channels of sEMG $4,600 (US) per unit

Base SEMG+  System with 8 channels of sEMG $6,000 (US) per unit

Base SEMG+ / Biograph System Configuration$4,200 (US) per unit This includes the Procomp+ Encoder, DynaMAP software and Biograph Software.

Base SEMG+ / Biograph System with 4 channels sEMG $5,600 (US) per unit

Base SEMG+ / Biograph System with 8 channels  sEMG $7,000 (US) per unit

sEMG Sensors $350 (US) per unit

Four sEMG Sensors is the usual combination  $1,400 for the set

Eight sEMG Sensors $2,800 (US) per set

SEMG+ Software alone $696 (US) per unit

Add Biograph Software $1,000 (US) per unit