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"You cannot, at the very beginning of our work, have any conception of the evil that results from muscular spasms and physical contraction." Stanislavski, Constantin trans, by Eliz Reynolds Hapgood An Actor Prepares, Ch. 4 Relaxation of Muscles
Trigger Point Chart Set

Three colorful, easy to understand charts:

Head & Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back

Clinical EMG for Surface Recording. By Jeffrey Cram $55
plus shipping    $5.00
$25 each, 3/ $55

Physiotech Flexcomp

a visionary product reflecting the future of biofeedback. It uses a DSP (digital signal processing) card which has it's own high speed computer, so signals can be acquired and analyzed at much greater speed than conventional biofeedback equipment. Sensors are lighter weight and have less parts. Its fiber optic cable interface allows the user to go up to 100 feet from the computer. Stu Donaldson has put a lot of time into consulting on the development of software which makes it easy to do kinesiological assessments and training. Flexcomp can also do other modalities as well simultaneously (temp, edg, hr, resp, EEG.) You can also add voltage input modules to integrate signals from devices like automated blood pressure cuffs, motion and force detection devices, etc.

-sEMG, Muscle, Neuromuscular, Physical Med and Rehab

Urinary Fecal Incontinence, Pelvic Pain, Sexual Dysfunctions home page   John Perry's (inventor of the Perineometer EMG sensor) web site. Very ambitious and effective in sharing tons of info. John looks out the window of his Key West hacienda, watching the cranes and boats on the canal going by, loading up the website with useful, free info. including a downloadable copy of the Biofeedback book classic-- the Ghost in the Box. John also does solid reviews of research, not all incontinence based. (PS John co-authored the best selling G-Spot Book)
        Vulvodynia.com Howard Glazer's Website for vaginal pain
Ariel Dynamics, Inc. Home Page a very cool web page-- shows what an impressive scientific, applied psychophysiology page can be.



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