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Great Tapes-- Classics on Relaxation, Stress, Biofeedback, Meditation & Self Help

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Packages of 2 or More Tapes
The Comfort Cycle; antidote to the vicious cycle (Len Ochs)              $19.95 _______
Art of Mindful Living  (Thich Nhat Hanh)                                      $18.95 _______
Conscious Aging (Ram Dass)                                                      $18.95 _______
Dreams: Language of the Soul  (Marion Woodman)                          $18.95 _______
Marriage as a Path to Wholeness  (Harville Hendrix,)                        $17.95 _______
Personal Enrichment Through Imagery (Lazarus-2801)                      $40.00 _______
Self Directed Assertiveness Training (Rakos&Schroeder)                 $50.00_______
Philosophies of Asia  (Alan Watts)                                                   $59.95 _______
Practice of Mindfulness in  Psychotherapy (Thich Nhat Hanh)            $19.95 _______
Friedman's Fables  (Friedman- 2967)                                              $25.00 _______
Work As A Spiritual Path  (Marsha Sinetar)                                       $19.95 _______

Single Titles

BIO-Q Relaxation /Taking Stress Apart (Rob Kall, K Sedlacek)      $12.95 _______
Autogenics and Meditation(#3)                                                   $12.95 _______
Becoming A More Productive Writer  (Marcia Yudkin                    $12.95 _______
Body Awareness & Imagination(#2)                                              $12.95 _______
Chi Kung Meditations  (Ken Cohen)                                             $ 12.95 _______
Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety  & Panic Disorders (Beck-8740) $12.95 _______
Cognitive Therapy of Depression  (Beck-2837)                             $12.95 _______
Combatting Distorted Thinking(#8)                                                $12.95 _______
Covert Modeling & Covert  Reinforcement (#10)                           $12.95 _______
Drink From The Well  (Michele George)                                  $12.95 _______
New Physics of Healing  (Deepak Chopra,MD)                             $12.95 _______
Pain Control & Healing (#6)                                                  $12.95 _______
Relaxation Procedure    (Rappaport-2826)                                    $12.95 _______
Self Hypnosis (#4)                                                                  $12.95 _______
Stress Inoculation (#7)                                                                 $12.95 _______
Systematic Desensitization &  Visualizing Goals (#9)                    $12.95 _______
The Grateful Heart  (Br.David Steindl-Rast)                                  $12.95 _______
The Portable Stress Manager (Farr & Elliott)                                 $12.95 _______
Thought Stopping (#5)                                                                 $12.95 _______
Taoist Healing Imagery  (Ken Cohen)                                           $12.95 _______
Wise-Woman Archetype (Jan shinoda Bolen,MD)                         $12.95 _______
Introducing Pts. to  BFbk Assisted Relaxation  (Schwartz-2859) $12.95 _______
Escaping the Prison of the Intellect (Deepak Chopra,MD)              $12.95 _______

Mu-Psych Music Tapes

MuPsych Music is a FUTUREHEALTH Inc recording label. The music has been created in studios by master musicians specifically for use with meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback, relaxation, guided imagery, etc. It is created with   no heavy beat, so it flows gently.

A Quiet Time (DiJoseph)                                          $ 9.98 _______
Good Feelings-A Mu-Psych Music Sampler                         $ 9.98 _______
Floating Deeper-A Mu-Psych   Music Sampler                      $ 9.98 _______
Orianna Twilight-Wackenhut                                     $ 9.98 _______
Reflexions (Bernstein)                                            $ 9.98 _______
Rivers of Light-Zavijava Orch.                                     $ 9.98 _______
Remote Dreaming-The Ghostwriters                                $ 9.98 _______

So often, otherwise honest people rip off artists by using their music  without paying royalties, or they go without the pleasant bonus of using relaxing music with their voice  over guided exercises.

We make it easy to stay honest.  We give you permission to use this  music for free as a background for  guided voice over tapes you make to give for free to your clients at your  facility, or for sale to people who  are also purchasing your services..

We also offer a very low cost annual licensing fee if you want to use this  music for commercial resale products which have a voice over or under  the music. Contact us for details. 

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