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Waverider Overview

WaveRider Overview
WaveRider is a Windows-based physiological monitor that collects brainwaves and other biological signals. Musical feedback and visual displays change in response to variations in the signals. Signals are analyzed graphically for easy comprehension. Home and professional users learn and teach how to control mental states.


WaveRider comes with many popular pre-programed protocols (see below) ready for immediate use. Home users start with these protocols and easily modify them for their specific needs.

Professional users monitor, record, and analyze biological signals. Complex custom protocols are quickly developed with point-and-click controls. Multiple feedback indicators can be tailored to respond to complex criteria. Processed data may be exported for further analysis off-line. Live raw and processed data may be exported for real-time interaction with user developed applications.

WaveRider consists of electrodes, computer hardware, and computer software. Electrodes that collect biological signals are affixed to the body. WaveRider hardware transmits the signals to a computer through a serial cable.  WaveWare, the WaveRider Windows-based software, processes the signals for analysis, display, and feedback.

The WaveRider hardware has a single dedicated channel for reading skin resistance (GSR) and several multipurpose channels. Multipurpose low-noise channels read signals from the brain, heart, and muscles. Each multipurpose channel may be individually configured to collect the required type of biological signal. WaveRider hardware comes in two versions:  WaveRider Pro and WaveRider 2cx

Pre-Programmed Protocols Get you Up and Running Quickly With Waverider pro and cx jr.

Pre-programmed protocols address the goals of most beginning WaveRider users.  Many users begin with these protocols, then modify and extend them for their own applications.  Other protocols can be easily and quickly developed by pointing and clicking on settings  within WaveWare dialog boxes.

Protocols include:

GSR/Percent Alpha

Theta Suppress
SMR/Theta for Two Channels
Beta/Theta for Two Channels

Percent Alpha
Percent High Alpha
Alpha Amplitude
Brain Reflector

Alpha/Theta with Two Tones
Alpha/Theta for Two Channels

Blues Ensemble