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We've attempted to place most of the links on our very large website within the many of our "Central" pages we've created to organize our topics.   So-- what we have here are the odd links that didn't fit on a given "Central" page. Check the "centrals" below tofind the links for a given topic.

 Neurofeedback Central       Responsibility Central,       Stress/Relax Central,        Biofeedback Central,   Positivity Central,        ADD Central,      QEEG Central     sEMG/ Muscle Central        Pain Central    Meetings Central      quotations central,  many links not listed on this page.

  • Quotation Central If you like quotations, this is a great jumping off place, listing loads of quote sites and having plenty of its own.
  • Positivity Central Exploring the sciences which explore positive states, experiences, actions, feelings, attitudes and the arts of enhancing, optimizing, inspiring, empowering and activating them. Links to websites which cover positive aspects, approaches
  • Go to our Journals Links Page we're compiling a growing list of journal links of interest to our website visitors
Additional Links within and outside Futurehealth.
 Consumer Info   
Meetings Central find 100's of abstracts from past Meeting
Kall Book Reviews        
Enlightenment Central                     
StressRelaxCentral    Stress Management/Anxiety/Panic/PTSD                     
 BioGraph SW add-on                   
ADD Central    
!l!Elmer Green's New Book; Must Read!!
Our "Sister Sites: 
StoryCon.org World's first meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story September 2002, LA CA area 28+ speakers
PositivePsychology.net free chapters from the Happiness Response Book
SphincterPolice.com a humorous site poking fun at those rules and people who take themselves too seriously and try to control everything


    Brain, EEG & Consciousness 
    (we've accumulated these links since 1995 and some are no longer active, like a lot of the dot-coms.) 


Portable EEG Technology Permits In-Flight Measures of Pilot Performance Efficiency and Vigilance, J.R. Comstock, M.B. Sterman a NASA report
Human Brain Mapping '97 Links
NeuroSoft, home of Neuro Scan and Neuromedica.
Mind/Brain Resources
Whole Brain Atlas Well-done site illustrating the brain and various brain diseases

Mind/Body Miscellaneous Sites

Consciousness Meeting Tucson II: The complete program schedule
Nootropic source: Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Monash Health Promotion on the Internet (Australian)
The University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA. offers an M.A. in Psychology with a specialization in Behavioral Medicine or Behavior Therapy. Course work is described on the Web page. The Psychology Department has a fully functional Behavioral Medicine Clinic with referrals from the medical/health care community, state and local agencies
NLP Seminars Group International and John La Valle: NLP seminars, executive coaching, sales training, hypnosis, Persuasion Engineering™, Design Human Engineering™, articles featuring Richard Bandler, and a line books, tapes, and toys.
Monroe Foundation
        Project Zero Howard Gardner's website dealing with multiple intelligences and other projects.
Ericksonian Approaches to Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
Altered States of Consciousness
The Happiness Board
        Extropy Institute learn about the new, Extropian world model
Reverse Speech Home Page
Positive Vibrations lists people's descriptions of Random Acts of Kindness
Mental Health Net
Mind Tools
        Meditation for Stress Management
HOT ROD YOUR HEAD! Intelligence
IEEE Home Page (engineering/ software stuff)
Emotional Intelligence Test
Links Galore; Provided by Jean & Kevin's Home In The Sky biofeedback, mind, miracles, metaphysical-- a long list of interesting and entertaining links.
Mental Health Net
The Mental Health Professional's Internet Guide
Society of Behavioral Medicine Home Page
Psychology Resources
        Psych Web
Marvin Minsky's Website
            Pulier's Personal Psychiatry And Behavioral Healthcare Resources For Mental Health Professionals           Featuring a Comprehensive Calendar of Events
World Future Society
Behavior Online
Fetzer Institute
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Successful Midlife Development
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Successful Pathways Through Middle Childhood
Medicine OnLine
Sarah Lawrence College Health Advocacy Program
College on Problems of Drug Dependence


Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Health Plans
American Cancer Society
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
American Pain Society
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychological Association.
American Psychological Association, Div. 22Division of Rehabiiltation Psychology
American Psychological Association, Div. 38 Health Psychology
American Psychosomatic Society
American Public Health Association
American Sociological Association
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine
Gerontological Society of America
International Cancer Alliance
International Psycho-Oncology Society
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
National Cancer Institute
Society of Behavioral Medicine
Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Society for Public Health Education
Society for Psychophysiological Research
University of California, Irvine Health Promotion Center



spiritdimension.com Internet resources devoted to spiritual growth and personal development. Features various teachings and traditions, including  buddhism, zen, taoism, advaita, sufism, toltec teachings, transpersonal psychology and others. Store with books, videos, music, spiritual gifts.

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