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Neurofeedback to Sleep: Tools and Techniques
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Neurofeedback to Sleep: Tools and Techniques to Recognize and Manage Insomnia to Enhance Neurofeedback Efficacy. An in-depth 4 hour Futurehealth WinterBrain workshop presentation by Ed O'Malley. This presentation will provide the non-sleep specialist neurofeedback provider with an overview of the tools and techniques necessary to recognize, assess and manage a variety of sleep complaints with which clients typically present.

One rationale for alleviating sleep disturbance in this population is that left unmanaged poor sleep will undermine the effectiveness of neurofeedback training.

Also presented will be a summary of the current thinking in management of Insomnia today based on the recent NIH State of the Science statement, June 2005.

-What is the connection between sleep and neurofeedback training?
-Is there a relationship between adequate sleep and neurofeedback efficacy?
-How does one manage the myriad complaints and presentations that accompany sleep disturbance, and know when to refer out?
-Are there techniques, other than or in addition to neurofeedback, that actually work?
-What is the State of the Science of Insomnia, according to the NIH?

Presentation Outline

I. Overview of normal sleep
a. Major influential factors
i. Circadian
ii. Homeostat
iii. Psychophysiological arousal
II. Overview of abnormal sleep (presenting complaints)
a. Sleep history key components
i. Sleepy client complaints
ii. Anxious client complaints
III. Overview of most common sleep disorders
a. Sleep apnea
b. Restless legs syndrome (RLS)/periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD)
c. Narcolepsy
d. Insomnia (including circadian rhythm disorders)
IV Management strategies
1. CBT
a. Stimulus control
b. Sleep restriction
c. Sleep hygiene education
d. Relaxation therapies
i. Relaxation response
ii. Autogenic training, PMR, cognitive restructuring, biofeedback
V. Sleep as extrinsic constraint to NF efficacy discussion


Author: Ed O'Malley

BS in Psychology SUNY Stony Brook, PhD Neurobiology Cornell Univer (1992), PostDoc Sleep Research NYU (1992-94), Sleep Medicine Fellowship NYU (1994-96), Research Assistant Professor of Medicine NYU School of Medicine, and Director Norwalk Hospital Sleep Disorders Center 1996-present

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